Better Communication Makes Better Companies

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Better Communication Makes Better Companies.

We're passionate about helping companies create better marketing materials that everyone loves. In this section, you'll find valuable tools, templates, and training to help you get marketing done faster, cheaper, and better.

Better Marketing Templates

Our library of Better Marketing Templates gives you copy-and-paste instructions on how to use AI tools + human creativity to develop better marketing materials in record time.

Best Practices for Subject Matter Expert Interviews (+ Sample Questions)

How to interview a Subject Matter Expert, even if you’re not one.

Using AI to Generate a Marketing Plan Budget (with Prompts)

Elevate your marketing strategy with our AI marketing plan budget templates designed for marketing managers and outperform your goals.

Use AI to Create a Sales Enablement Strategy (With Prompts)

Boost your sales performance with our AI-driven strategies, expert insights, FAQs, and best practices for marketing managers who demand exceptional results.

Use AI to Create Ideas for Your Next Marketing Campaign

Elevate your marketing campaigns with our AI-powered creative ideas, frequently asked questions, and best practices tailored for experienced marketing managers.

Use AI to Write Upsell Emails that Work (with Prompts)

Maximize your sales with our AI prompts designed for experienced marketing professionals. Explore our comprehensive guide for writing upsell emails that work.

Creating a Content Calendar with AI (+ Prompts)

Maximize content planning with “Creating an AI-Powered Content Calendar + Prompts”. Expert tips and prompts for seasoned marketing managers.

Marketing Content Idea Generator

Unlock AI-powered content ideation and creation. Elevate your marketing strategy with expert prompts and tips for seasoned managers.

Sales Email Followup Generator (with Templates and AI Prompts)

Explore AI-enhanced techniques for sales email follow-ups. Gain access to expert strategies, tailored prompts, and templates for experienced marketing managers.

Social Media Content Generator (+ AI Prompts and Templates)

Discover AI-driven prompts for superior social media content. Ideal for marketing managers seeking innovative engagement strategies.

Customer Persona Generator (+ AI Prompts and Templates)

Explore how AI revolutionizes customer persona development. Dive into our tools, techniques, and strategies tailored for seasoned marketing managers.

Webinar Title Generator (+ AI Prompts and Templates)

Transform your webinars with expertly crafted titles using our AI-powered content creation platform for marketing managers, and watch your engagement soar.

Promotional Campaign Generator (with AI Prompts)

Revolutionize your promotional campaigns effortlessly with AI prompts for marketing managers. Try us for free and experience the difference in your campaigns.

Using AI Prompts to Create LinkedIn Headlines

Level up your LinkedIn identity with Media Shower’s AI-driven Headline Generator. Learn how to create and optimize a personalized tool for your success.

Content Keyword Generator (with AI Prompts)

Unlock the potential of AI-driven keywords. Stay competitive in digital marketing with insights from our comprehensive guide tailored for marketing managers.

Sales Email Generator (with AI Templates)

Enhance your sales game with expertly crafted sales emails. Elevate engagement and conversions using AI prompts, FAQs, and best practices.

Writing Brand Guidelines with AI (+ Prompts)

Discover strategies to optimize your brand guidelines with AI, tailored for marketing managers. Achieve brand consistency with expert tips and best practices.

Create Eye-Catching Email Newsletter Subject Lines with AI

Boost your email open rates with AI. This guide offers proven strategies for crafting compelling newsletter subject lines for marketing managers.

Use Generative AI to Write Slogans for Products and Businesses

Optimize product descriptions with AI-generated slogans. Elevate marketing using advanced tech. Unlock creative potential for businesses.

Using AI to Create an Email Newsletter Design

Boost your email newsletter design with AI. This guide features AI prompts, quick FAQs, and best practices for marketing managers seeking higher engagement and ROI.

AI Prompts and Templates to Create a Killer Content Marketing Plan

Explore AI-driven prompts and templates for content marketing. Ideal for busy marketing managers, get practical insights for crafting high-impact plans quickly.

Using AI to Plan a Social Marketing Campaign (with Prompts)

Dominate social media using AI insights from Media Shower. Elevate your marketing game today. This is your roadmap to victory!

How to Use AI to Create Sales Materials (+ Prompts and Templates)

Maximize sales impact using Media Shower’s expert tips! Create compelling sales enablement content with prompts and templates.

How to Create Great Blog Titles (+ AI Prompts)

Master crafting captivating blog titles using AI and strategic prompts. Elevate your content strategy with Media Shower’s expert insights.

Generating Newsletter Names Using AI Prompts

Craft the best newsletter names easily using our tested AI prompts. Elevate engagement and captivate your audience with effective new marketing strategies.

Creating Amazing Content in the Digital Payments Industry with AI

Elevate your digital payment marketing with AI-generated content. We designed our AI prompts to streamline the creation of captivating and targeted content.

Build a Product Name Generator (with Prompts)

Create powerful product names with AI prompts! Streamline product naming for marketing managers with Media Shower’s expert guidance.

Creating a B2B Marketing Plan Using AI (with Prompts)

Enhance B2B marketing strategies with tested AI prompts. Elevate your approach with expert insights, FAQs, and best practices for seasoned marketing managers.

Using AI to Create Content for Wealth Management Services (with Prompts)

Unlock the visibility of your wealth management business with our content-generating AI prompts for marketing managers.

How to Use AI to Create Content for the Insurance Industry (with Prompts)

Use these AI prompts to maximize your insurance marketing efforts with captivating content tailored for your business.

Using AI to Generate Email Newsletter Templates

Craft dynamic weekly email templates with AI. Media Shower’s guide empowers marketing managers with data-driven insights.

Using AI Prompts to Create Content for Risk Management Professionals

Enrich your risk management marketing with AI-generated content. Our AI prompts are designed for marketing professionals to create captivating campaigns.

Creating Content for the Blockchain and Crypto Industry (With Prompts)

Transform your compelling blockchain and crypto marketing effortlessly with our AI prompts for content creation.

How to Plan and Write White Papers with AI (Prompts and Templates)

Master white paper writing with AI using expert tips, prompts, and templates from Media Shower. Elevate your content strategy today!

Create a Mission Statement with AI Using Expert Prompts

Elevate marketing strategy with AI-powered expert prompts from Media Shower. Craft impactful mission statements effortlessly. For experienced managers.

How to Create an Email Marketing Strategy (with AI Prompts)

Maximize ROI with an expertly crafted email marketing strategy! Harness Media Shower’s AI prompts and insights from seasoned marketing managers.

AI Prompts and Templates for Investment Banking Content

Create compelling marketing content for the investment banking industry with our AI prompts.

How to Write an Effective Executive Summary: Prompts and Templates

Elevate your marketing strategy as an experienced manager by mastering executive summaries using expert AI prompts.

Creating Marketing Content for the Financial Sector (+ AI Prompts)

Transform your financial services marketing with AI-generated content today! Tailored for marketing managers and content creators in the financial sector.

Writing SEO Blog Posts Using AI Prompts

Create engaging content and optimize search results without sacrificing quality. Learn the art of SEO blog writing with AI prompts in our ultimate guide by Media Shower.

How to Create Email Marketing Templates (with ChatGPT Prompts)

Master email marketing with Media Shower’s free templates & expert prompts! Elevate campaigns with AI-backed content for experienced marketing managers.

AI Content Generation for Biotechnology: Prompts, Examples, & Templates

Biotechnology is an innovative and competitive market. Take your biotechnology marketing to the next level with AI-powered content creation.

AI Content Generation for EHR Platforms: Prompts, Examples, & Templates

Captivate your audience with AI-powered content tailored for EHR platform marketing. Create compelling content with our intuitive two-step process!

Using AI Prompts to Build Content in the Medical Equipment Industry

Unlock marketing success in the medical equipment industry with captivating content customized for your product or service using AI prompts.

AI Content Generation for Pharmaceuticals: Prompts, Examples, & Templates

Are you having trouble standing out in the crowd? Discover the potential of AI-generated content for pharmaceutical marketing.

Customer Journey Map Examples (with Templates and Prompts)

Unlock successful Customer Journey Maps for experienced marketing managers with Media Shower’s custom AI prompt guide. Elevate your strategies today!

AI Content Generation for Healthcare: Prompts, Examples, & Templates

Use AI to discover the secrets to effective healthcare marketing campaigns and achieve outstanding results as an experienced marketing manager.

SWOT Analysis: Examples, Templates, & Prompts

Discover comprehensive SWOT analysis examples, templates, and prompts for experienced marketing managers. Gain strategic insights for business success.

How to Write a Marketing Plan Template: Examples and Prompts

Master the art of using AI to craft effective marketing plans with Media Shower’s comprehensive template guide.

AI Content Generation for IT Consulting: Templates, Examples, & Prompts

Elevate your marketing prowess in the IT Consulting industry with our comprehensive guide on AI content prompts.

Business Plan Examples and Prompts

Discover effective business plan examples and prompts tailored for experienced marketing managers. Gain insights and strategies to propel your business forward.

AI Content Generation for Data Visualization: Examples, Templates, & Prompts

Marketers in data visualization fields know that content is king. Streamline content generation with this two-step AI prompt.

AI Content Generation for Data Analysis: Examples, Templates, & Prompts

Ignite and transform your data analysis marketing content. Create compelling narratives that captivate your audiences and drive exceptional results with AI.

Marketing Strategy Examples, Prompts, & Templates

Unlock the secrets of effective marketing strategies and gain insights from experienced professionals. Elevate your skills and drive exceptional results.

AI Content Generation for Cloud Computing (+Templates & Prompts)

Unlock advanced marketing strategies and insights for experienced managers. Discover innovative techniques to optimize your campaigns and drive results.

AI Content Generation for Cybersecurity (+ Templates and Prompts)

Discover valuable insights and advanced strategies crafted for cybersecurity marketing managers. Elevate your marketing game with our expert blog content.

Email Marketing Templates (+ Prompts and Examples)

Master the art of email marketing with expertly crafted templates and prompts. Elevate your campaigns and engage your audience like never before.

AI Content Generation for Software Platforms (+ Templates and Prompts)

Discover the power of AI content generation for software platforms. Here’s how you can unlock templates and prompts to boost marketing strategies.

AI Content Generation for Technology Companies (+ Templates and Prompts)

Discover advanced techniques and insights to optimize your marketing strategies through data-driven approaches. Enhance your expertise as a marketing manager and drive exceptional results.

Customer Journey Map Templates (+ Examples and Prompts)

Discover effective customer journey map templates, real-world examples, and expert prompts that help marketing managers optimize their strategies.

Content Marketing Plan

Download our easy-to-read, beautifully designed Content Marketing Plan and Template.

Business Plan Templates (+ Examples and Prompts)

Streamline your business planning process and strengthen your marketing strategy with our comprehensive templates, examples, and expert prompts.

Content Marketing Keyword Plan

Download our easy-to-read, beautifully designed Content Marketing Keyword Plan e-book.

Company Story Template

Download our easy-to-read, beautifully designed How to Tell Your Company Story e-book.

Memes for Marketers Playbook

Download our easy-to-read, beautifully designed Memes for Marketers.

Better Marketing Training

Based on our experience creating 100,000 marketing projects for 500+ companies, our Better Marketing Training Series will help you set up, optimize, and improve your corporate marketing “machine.”

Marketing Newsletter Best Practices

Learn the single most important thing to drive newsletter open rates.

Making Things Simple

The more complex your message, the more important to simplify.

Content Bottlenecks (+ How to Fix Them)

Most companies have the same problems in their content assembly lines.

How to Improve Content 10x

Content optimization is about testing and measuring what works.

The New Way of Writing

Writing in today’s media landscape requires completely different training than you learned in school.

Action-Packed Content

Learn how to create communication that gets people to take action.

The Great Human Values

Communication works better when it is aligned with the 24 character strengths.

The Two Most Important Things

There are two things you need for communicating well in today’s media environment.

Become a Communication Superhero

Learn the principles of great communication.

Media Shower Reporting Demo

See how our industry-leading reports help you identify the content that’s performing best.

Media Shower Platform Demo

See how our platform works to help your team develop high-performing content.

How to Calculate Content ROI

Learn how to use our Content Marketing ROI Calculator.

How to Create a Content Calendar

See best practices on building out your content roadmap.

How to Build a Keyword Plan

Learn how to select the most profitable SEO keywords using our Keyword Planning Worksheet.

How to Build a Content Plan

We’ll walk through the Content Planning Template that we’ve used successfully for hundreds of clients.