Better Communication Makes Better Companies

We’re passionate about helping companies — and the people that run them — communicate better. In this section, you’ll find valuable templates and downloads to help you develop and run a better communication program.

Downloadable Resources

Our most requested assets! This library of downloadable tools will help you build and improve your content marketing plan — as they’ve helped hundreds of Media Shower clients.

Content Marketing Plan Template

Build out a world-class content marketing plan with this step-by-step guide. Start here!

Content Marketing Keyword Plan

Find the “Golden Keywords” that will drive the most qualified leads: the foundation of your content calendar.

Company Story Template

Learn how to tell the story of your company in a way that’s compelling and memorable. With examples.

Content Marketing ROI Calculator

Calculate how much you’ll spend on building out a content team, and your estimated Return on Investment.

Memes for Marketers Playbook

Learn how to create high-performing marketing memes with our easy-to-use guide. Get ready to go viral!

Content Companies Compared

Find out the 10 most popular content companies, see real-life user reviews, and compare pricing and services.

Tutorial Videos

Step-by-step walkthroughs on how to get the most out of our downloadable tools, as well as the Media Shower Platform.

How to Build a Content Plan

We’ll walk through the Content Planning Template that we’ve used successfully for hundreds of clients.

How to Build a Keyword Plan

Learn how to select the most profitable SEO keywords using our Keyword Planning Worksheet.

How to Create a Content Calendar

See best practices on building out your content roadmap, including what type of content to build to drive the best results.

How to Calculate Content ROI

Learn how to use our Content Marketing ROI Calculator to determine the cost of your program, and what you’ll get in return.

Media Shower Platform Demo

See how our platform works to help your team develop high-performing content, at scale: both quality and quantity.

Media Shower Reporting Demo

See how our industry-leading reports help you identify the content that’s performing best, so you can optimize and improve.

Training Videos

Our Better Communication Training Series will help you set up, optimize, and improve your corporate communication “machine.”

Communication superhero

Become a Communication Superhero

Start here. You’ll learn the principles of great communication, and how you can unlock your superpowers. (5 minutes)

Most important things

The Two Most Important Things

There are two things you need for communicating well in today’s media environment. Click here to instantly learn what they are. (10 minutes)

Human values

The Great Human Values

Communication works better when it is aligned with the 24 character strengths. Learn what they are, and why this works. (11 minutes)

Action packed content

Action-Packed Content

Learn how to create communication that gets people to take action, and why this is the whole point. (7 minutes)

New way of writing

The New Way of Writing

Writing in today’s media landscape requires completely different training than you learned in school. This is that training. (20 minutes)

How to improve content

How to Improve Content 10x

Content optimization is about testing and measuring what works, then making it better. Here’s the formula. (16 minutes)

Content bottlenecks

Content Bottlenecks
(+ How to Fix Them)

Most companies have the same problems in their content assembly lines; here are solutions for each of them. (14 minutes)

Making things simple

Making Things Simple

The more complex your message, the more important to simplify. Here are protips for simplification, tested across hundreds of clients. (12 minutes)

Blockchain Resources

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the world of communication. Given our focus on technology and finance companies, we’ve created a library of valuable blockchain assets for next-generation fintechs.

Our Media Manifesto

Learn how blockchain is changing the world of communication, and how Media Shower is leading the charge.

Blockchain Building Basics

How do you build a successful blockchain? By downloading this guide, the “bible of building blockchains.”

Building a Blockchain Ecosystem

Successful blockchains have an entire network of users, investors, and partners. Here’s how to build them.

Blockchain Business Plan

A step-by-step template for building out your blockchain business plan to pitch new investors and conquer the world.

Blockchain Marketing Budget

Learn how much you should be spending on blockchain marketing by channel, and calculate your Return on Investment.

Blockchain Press Release

Capture the attention of crypto news sites with our step-by-step guide to create high-performing press releases.

Blockchain and Supply Chain

Learn how blockchain is transforming the supply chain: they even sound the same!

Blockchain Immunity Passports

See how blockchain will help the world better track immunity to Covid-19 and future pandemics.

Blockchain Bonds

Learn how blockchain bonds work, who’s offering them, and why they’re needed.

Introducing the Loyalty Reward Token

Learn how blockchain-based reward tokens work, and how they can help you build loyalty and engagement with your users.

Best Practices for Building Web3 Communities

Battle-tested best practices to build a strong online community that will support your Web3 app or project, and help it grow.

best practices for community building cover

Best Practices for Community Meetups

Discover the power of building in-person, face-to-face meetups for marketing your product.

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