LinkedIn Headline Generator (+ AI Prompts and Best Practices)

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Marketers: here’s how to craft those killer LinkedIn headlines that’ll make you stand out. Our guide contains our proven AI prompts, along with FAQs and best practices for LinkedIn posts that work. Plus, our AI LinkedIn Headline Generator will help you create great headlines, right now.

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How to Use our LinkedIn Headline Generator

Looking for LinkedIn Headlines customized to your post or topic? Let our AI assistant do the brainstorming for you! Just give it a few details and get great headline ideas, which you can have emailed to you.

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AI Prompts for Improving Your LinkedIn Headlines

Once you’ve come up with LinkedIn headlines using the tool above, use these prompts to polish and perfect them:

  1. To elevate the impact: Transform this headline to emphasize our key accomplishments and value proposition for maximum impact: <insert headline>.
  2. To inject industry keywords: Incorporate relevant industry keywords into this headline to enhance discoverability by search algorithms: : <insert headline>.
  3. To highlight leadership: Change this headline to emphasize our qualities as a thought leader: <insert headline>.
  4. To express uniqueness: Transform this headline with more creative language that communicates what sets us apart from others in our field: <insert headline>.
  5. To add a call to action: Optimize this headline to encourage the reader to take <action>: <insert headline>. 
  6. To emphasize results: Revise this headline to highlight quantifiable results we’ve achieved, showcasing tangible contributions: <insert headline>.

Real-World Examples of LinkedIn Headlines

Here are some examples of LinkedIn headlines to inspire you:

Heejin Han LinkedIn Headline

Heejin Han LinkedIn profile

Heejin Han’s LinkedIn headline is a strong example of how to craft an informative and attention-grabbing profile summary.  Here’s a breakdown of why it works:

  • Keywords and Search Optimization: The headline strategically includes relevant keywords like “strategic people leader” and “technology.” This increases the chance of Heejin’s profile appearing in searches conducted by recruiters or potential employers looking for someone with her skillset.
  • Conciseness and Readability: Although the headline includes various information, it remains concise and easy to read. It avoids lengthy phrases and gets straight to the point, ensuring viewers can quickly grasp Heejin’s professional identity.
  • Credibility and Impact: Heejin establishes credibility and demonstrates her experience within her field. Additionally, the headline highlights the positive impact she has on teams (“empowering teams”) and customer experience (“promotes world-class experiences”). This showcases her value proposition and sets her apart from other profiles.

Mitchelle Pascual LinkedIn Headline

Michelle Pascual LinkedIn profile

This LinkedIn headline, “Dedicated To Help You Get More Clients And Free Up Time With Sales Automation,” is effective for a few reasons:

  • It communicates a value proposition: It tells viewers exactly what Michelle can do for them: gain more clients and save time. This is a clear benefit that potential clients are looking for.
  • Uses action verbs: “Help” and “Free Up” are action verbs that make the statement stronger and more impactful.
  • Mentions a popular trend: “Sales Automation” is a hot topic in business, so mentioning it shows you’re up-to-date and knowledgeable.
  • Shows passion: “Dedicated” conveys that you’re not just in it for the money but genuinely care about helping others.

Aaron Henderson LinkedIn Headline

Aaron Henderson LinkedIn profile

The LinkedIn headline by Aaron Henderson is compelling for several reasons:

  • Appeals to a universal desire: Most people want to feel like their work makes a difference. This headline taps into that desire by mentioning “meaningful change.”
  • Highlights an upbeat work style: It emphasizes collaboration, a desirable quality in today’s workplace.
  • Positions you as an authority: Focusing on empowering others subtly positions Aaron as someone who has the knowledge and skills to guide them.
  • Action-oriented language: “Helping” and “drive” are active verbs that impact the headline.

AI-Generated LinkedIn Headlines for Busy Marketing Managers

  1. Headline: Data Whisperer | Turning Complex Data into Actionable Insights
    Why it’s effective: This headline uses a catchy nickname (“Data Whisperer”) to grab attention. It clarifies your expertise (“data”) and highlights the value you provide (turning data into actionable insights).
  2. Headline: Building the Future of Sustainable Fashion | Eco-Innovation at GreenThread
    Why it’s effective: This headline positions you at the forefront of a trending industry (sustainable fashion) and mentions your company (GreenThread), sparking curiosity.
  3. Headline: Growth Hacker with a Human Touch | Helping B2B Startups Scale Authentically
    Why it’s effective: This headline uses a popular term (“growth hacker”) and clarifies your target audience (B2B startups). It emphasizes a key differentiator (“human touch”), suggesting you prioritize genuine connection while achieving growth.
  4. Headline: Empowering Remote Teams to Thrive | Building Collaborative Workflows
    Why it’s effective: This headline focuses on a growing work trend (remote teams) and mentions your specific value (building collaborative workflows). It speaks to the challenges many remote teams face and offers a solution.

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Best Practices for LinkedIn Headlines

What’s the big deal about LinkedIn headlines? They are typically the first thing your customers or colleagues will see from your company or brand. Some of the best practices for making these headlines include:

  • Ensuring Clarity is Key: Make sure your headline communicates your company’s brand and expertise clearly and straightforwardly. People should instantly understand what you do and the value you offer by simply reading your headline.
  • Optimize with keywords: Integrate relevant industry keywords into your headline to enhance searchability and visibility in LinkedIn searches. Consider what keywords your target audience might use to find businesses like yours, and incorporate those strategically within the character limit.  See here for more on optimizing your LinkedIn profile for search.
  • Showcase your achievements: Highlight your business’s key accomplishments and accolades to establish credibility and attract attention.  Did you win an industry award? Do you have a perfect customer satisfaction rating? Mentioning these achievements can give you an edge and make you stand out.
  • Engage further: Take the opportunity to encourage visitors to interact more by adding a clear and enticing call to action (CTA).  This could be simple, like “Connect with me today!” or “Learn more about our services.”  A strong CTA can move viewers from passively reading your headline to actively engaging with your profile. You can find more tips on crafting effective CTAs here.
  • Target your specific audiences: Customize your headline to resonate better with your distinct target audiences or industries. If you offer various services, consider creating multiple headlines tailored to each audience segment. This allows you to speak directly to their needs and interests.
  • Highlight your value proposition: Communicate your value to potential customers and clients. What makes your business unique? What problem do you solve for your customers?  Your headline should paint a picture of the positive outcome someone can expect by working with you.  Read here for more on crafting a strong value proposition.

professional woman holding a tablet

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About LinkedIn Headlines

What are the essential features to consider when generating a LinkedIn headline?

Focus on memorable, catchy phrases and messaging that conveys information quickly, succinctly, and with impact.

How can I ensure the generated headlines resonate with my target audience

Thoroughly research and understand your target audience's preferences, industries, and job roles to tailor the suggestions accordingly.

Is using AI language models like ChatGPT necessary when creating headlines?

While AI models enhance creativity, they aren’t necessary. They only help build the ideas you already have.

What character limit should I consider for the generated LinkedIn headlines?

Adhere to LinkedIn's character limit guidelines (currently 220 characters) to ensure compatibility and readability on the platform.

How can I optimize headlines for searchability on LinkedIn?

Incorporate industry-specific keywords and SEO techniques to improve a headline’s visibility in both LinkedIn search and Google SERPs.

What steps can I take to improve the headline’s performance?

Monitor reader feedback, conduct A/B testing, and analyze user data to iterate and improve on your results.

How can I balance creativity and professionalism in the generated headlines?

Test different headline formats and tone variations to strike a balance that aligns with your audience and their objectives.

We use AI and human expertise to create great results for your brand. Get started with a free trial.