Build a Product Name Generator (with Prompts)

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A good product name can make or break a product launch. Busy marketing managers often look for ways to streamline this process without sacrificing creativity. 

Here, we introduce Media Shower’s AI prompts that will allow you to generate effective product names–your ultimate tool to save time and unleash creativity!

Craft compelling product names effortlessly – harness the potential of Media Shower‘s AI-powered content creation.

First, Generate Your Marketing Overview

Paste the following prompt into ChatGPT or similar AI tool:

Hello! I’m a busy marketing manager and I would like to create a concise marketing overview for my business. I need your assistance in this process. Please ask the following 10 questions, one at a time.– What is the name of your business?

– Please provide a link to your website.

– What industry does your business operate in?

– What products or services does your business offer?

– Who is your target audience or customer base?

– What is their pain point?

– What is the unique value proposition or key differentiator of your business?

– How long has your business been operating?

– What are the main goals and objectives of your business?

– Are there any specific marketing channels or strategies that you have used in the past?

Based on my answers, please generate a marketing overview that can serve as a primer for future AI prompts. Leverage the 24 VIA character strengths where appropriate. Then let’s check the marketing overview for accuracy, asking any clarifying followup questions if needed.

Then, Build Your Product Name Generator

In the same chat session, now paste the following prompt:

Based on this marketing overview, I would like to create some product names for my business. Please ask the following questions, one at a time, allowing me to skip questions I don’t know.

  • What are the core features or attributes of your products/services that need to be reflected in the names?
  • Are there any naming conventions or guidelines that align with your brand identity?
  • Do you prefer descriptive names or more creative, abstract ones for your products?
  • How do you envision your product names standing out from competitors in the industry?
  • Are there any specific emotions or associations you want the names to evoke?
  • Are there any cultural considerations or language nuances that should be accounted for in the names?
  • Are you looking for a unified naming theme across all products, or unique names for each?
  • How long or short do you prefer the product names to be?
  • Have you encountered any naming challenges in the past that you’d like to avoid this time?
  • Are there any keywords or terms that must be included in the names for SEO purposes?

Based on my answers, please create some sample product names. Leverage the 24 VIA character strengths where appropriate. Then let’s check the product name generator for accuracy, asking any clarifying followup questions if needed.

Media Shower can help you with our AI-driven marketing platform, supported by our team of award-winning human content creators. AI + humans, working together. 

AI Prompts for Product Name Generation

We believe in blending AI expertise and human creativity. By leveraging tools like ChatGPT, you can speed up your product name generation process. Here are some additional prompts you can use in ChatGPT to improve the names of your products:

  • To enhance emotional appeal: Suggest names that evoke excitement, trust, or nostalgia.
  • To expand cultural relevance: Incorporate elements that resonate with specific global cultures or regions.
  • To simplify and/or improve memorability: Shorten the name without losing its impact and memorability.
  • To increase semantic accuracy: Ensure the name aligns semantically with the essence of the product or service.
  • To focus on a target audience: Create names tailored to appeal to different demographic segments.
  • To check for unique domain availability: Check and suggest names with available domains to ease online branding.
  • To incorporate competitive analysis: Incorporate language and tone that stands out from competitors in the industry.
  • To ensure cross-platform adaptability: Generate names that suit both digital and traditional marketing channels.
  • To play with puns and wordplay: Explore puns and creative word combinations to inject humor and intrigue.
  • To improve cultural sensitivity: Rewrite names to avoid unintentional cultural misappropriation or insensitivity.

10 Best Practices for Product Names

A product name works in a specific context–what the product is, what the market expects, and the emotions we want to evoke from it. When generating a product name, it’s important to think about these best practices:

  1. Define clear brand identity: Before using the name generator, outline specific brand attributes and target audience preferences to align the generated names with your brand’s identity.
  2. Consider trademark availability: Verify the availability of trademarks for the generated names to avoid legal issues and potential conflicts down the road.
  3. Evaluate domain availability: Prioritize names with available domain names to simplify online branding and website setup. Even product names using uncommon words provide a challenge when trying to find a specific domain. 
  4. Test pronunciation and spelling: Assess how easily the generated names can be pronounced and spelled to ensure they are memorable and shareable.
  5. Keep it simple and memorable: Opt for concise names that are easy to remember and evoke positive emotions, enhancing brand recall.
  6. Seek feedback from focus groups: Gather feedback from focus groups or target customers to gauge the names’ impact and make informed decisions.
  7. Avoid overused terms: Check for name popularity to steer clear of clichés and ensure a fresh, distinctive brand identity. Combinations of words, words from classical literature, and esoteric language can set a brand apart from the crowd.
  8. Monitor cultural sensitivity touchpoints: Double-check the generated names for any unintentional cultural insensitivity, ensuring inclusivity and global appeal.
  9. Clarify with keywords: Start with a clear and relevant keyword that encapsulates the essence of your product. This will guide the generator to provide names that align closely with your product’s purpose.
  10. Consider scalability: Think about the long-term viability of the name. Will it still make sense as your product evolves or expands? Choose a name that can grow with your brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Using AI to Create Product Names

How can I ensure the generated names align with my brand's identity?

Define clear brand objectives and provide relevant keywords to guide the product name generator, ensuring names align with your brand's essence. Perform research around competitors and customers to gauge how different stakeholders react to different types of language.

Are there any legal risks associated with using AI-generated names?

While AI-generated names are generally safe, performing your due diligence with trademark searches is crucial to mitigate potential legal risks. Typically, if you are using AI for inspiration, rather than just copy-and-paste creativity, then you shouldn’t have any issues.

What makes a product name memorable?

Memorable product names are usually concise, easy to pronounce, and evoke emotions or associations related to the product's features, benefits, or purpose. Unique words, or words traditionally not associated with your product or market can stand out from the crowd.

Should my product name describe its features?

While it's not mandatory, a name that offers a hint about the product's features or benefits can help customers quickly grasp its value proposition.

Can I change my product's name after its launch?

Yes, changing a product's name post-launch is possible, but it should be done cautiously to maintain brand consistency and prevent confusion among customers.

Is it necessary for my product name to be a real word?

No, your product name doesn't have to be an accurate word. It can be a combination of words, a creative play on words, or even an abstract name, as long as it effectively communicates your brand's identity and the product's purpose.

What if I can't find a suitable name when using AI?

If the generated names don't align with your vision, consider refining your keywords, trying different generator tools, or seeking inspiration from synonyms and related terms.

How do cultural considerations impact product naming?

Cultural sensitivity is crucial when naming products for global markets. Ensure the name doesn't have negative connotations or meanings in different languages or cultures.

Is it better to have a short or a long product name?

Generally, shorter names are easier to remember and type, but longer terms can sometimes provide more descriptive information. Strive for a balance based on your product's complexity and target audience.

What if my product has multiple features? How do I capture them all in the name?

Focus on the most distinctive or central feature and craft a name around that aspect. You can use taglines, packaging, or marketing materials to highlight additional features.

10 Protips for Using AI Generated Product Names

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  1. Generate creative and memorable names by tapping into emotions. Ideally, try to evoke positive emotions that resonate with your target audience.
  2. Ensure brand alignment by defining brand objectives. Clearly outline your brand’s identity and values before using the name generator.
  3. Perform a domain availability check. Prioritize names with available domain names for smooth online branding.
  4. Curate targeted names with audience segmentation. Tailor name suggestions to specific demographic segments.
  5. Combine AI and human input by utilizing creative team collaboration. Blend AI-generated suggestions with human creativity for unique names.
  6. Test your product name’s memorability with a pronunciation assessment. Evaluate how easily names can be pronounced and remembered.
  7. Try synonyms or related words to diversify the generated options. Synonyms can reveal unique name variations that still convey your product’s meaning.
  8. Combine two or more words that relate to your product to create a unique name. Combining words can result in creative and memorable names that stand out.
  9. Seek inspiration from industry jargon. Industry jargon can make the name feel authentic and recognizable to professionals.
  10. Modify generated names. Editing generated names allows you to refine them for a perfect fit.

Elevate your marketing materials with Media Shower‘s winning formula for effective product naming – contact us to help you name and market your product!