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Zuckerberg is a maximalist communicator while Dorsey is a minimalist. Both have used their skills to build international companies.

Home Depot has grown to dominate the DIY space over the past 30 years thanks to a clear focus on providing the best customer experience.

Satoshi Nakamoto (the anonymous founder of bitcoin) and Vitalik Buterin (the co-founder of Ethereum) are the top two tech wizards in the new world of crypto.

When the UFC was founded in 1993, it was a small outfit running backyard brawls.

Queen Elizabeth II ruled England for 70 years and earned the respect and love of her citizens with her clear, honest, and diplomatic style of communication.

Spielberg and Scorsese reflect differing approaches to cinematic storytelling.

Reagan and Clinton’s communication styles were both simple, direct, and down to earth.

Not many companies value substance over style, but Tom’s of Maine is an exception.