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Buffett states that when young businesspeople invest in improving their communication skills, they will make 50% more than they would otherwise. 

In the last decade, we’ve seen an increase in lifestyle brands that offer a curated selection of products and services. One such company is Goop, founded by actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

The National Park Service has employed several firms to improve its digital customer experience. Using a lot of feedback, they redid their website, database and digital strategy to reach younger generations.

Overview American Express has been top-ranked for customer loyalty for many years. The brand’s unique offerings make it different from other reward programs. People loyally use AMEX cards because of the benefits they can’t get elsewhere. So What? Marketers can learn some lessons from the brand’s example, such as building a community of rewards andRead More…

Overview Jack Ma put customers first and leveraged new technology to build Alibaba into a world-class company. Follow his example to thrive in the internet era. So what? The business strategy that made Alibaba successful is different from a successful business model of the last century. Success relies on customer satisfaction, new technology, experimentation, andRead More…

Jobs knew that the best way to break through people’s mental clutter was to say things that mattered in a way that would be relevant to their lives. 

Like any other brand, Apple products have flaws. Yet, Apple has throngs of faithful fans, which showcases the power of branding – people want to attach themselves to Apple and not vice versa.