When you need to hire a writer for a single article or a series of them, you probably don’t want to scour the internet for a single freelancer. Instead, you might want to use an article writing service. These companies bring together customers and writers.

We’re reviewing the top 10 article writing services, and today we’re looking at WriterAccess, which is number four on our list. If you’re in need of an article writing service, use this in-depth review to decide whether WriterAccess will fit your needs.

WriterAccess Pros

writer access interface
According to WriterAccess, over 20,000 businesses have used this article writing service.

Think of WriterAccess as a happy medium between a full-scale content marketing agency and a free-for-all like Upwork. The company screens its writers and gives each freelancer a star rating. The rating determines which projects the writer can accept and also influences his or her pay rate.

For instance, if you’re hoping to hire a writer for the lowest possible price, you might open up an assignment after you sign up for WriterAccess and invite all writers to submit the work. A one-star writer might not produce the best copy, but you’ll pay less.

Conversely, when you need top-notch work, you’ll want to hire a five- or six-star writer. Several criteria contribute to star ratings, including the writer’s history and his or her performance at WriterAccess.

Because of these facts, ordering articles from WriterAccess proves incredibly easy. Just sign up for an account as a customer and put in an order. You can make certain specifications, but you won’t have an in-house liaison to help you through the process. Instead, you’ll either choose a writer or open up the assignment to the talent pool.

WriterAccess Cons

writer access rateguide
WriterAccess rate guide.

As you can see from the screenshot above, articles cost between $0.02 and $0.10 per word at WriterAccess. For a 500-word article, you would pay anywhere from $10 to $50, which represents an extremely wide range.

Some of the more sophisticated article writing services screen their writers far more closely and choose only the best available. That way, you get a straightforward price, and you know that you’re hiring a consummate professional who can get the work done.

You have to pay extra if you want someone to work with you on your campaign. Additionally, even if the writer has a high star rating, you don’t necessarily know his or her experience level unless you research the writer’s background. This can take hours if you’re considering several prospects. You might have better luck with an article writing service that handles the scouting for you.

What Customers Say About WriterAccess

Few independent reviews of WriterAccess exist outside of the company’s testimonial page. Several clients have left glowing reviews of the article writing service. For instance, customer George B. says, “I have nothing but great things to say about WriterAccess. They have exceeded my expectations in every way. I have been more impressed with the clarity of their writing and the expeditious, but more professional manner they complete the task at hand.”

Another customer, Soorena S., praises WriterAccess for its “prompt and transparent service.”

While WriterAccess might offer reasonable rates and a large stable of writers, you’d benefit from a more hands-on approach. At Media Shower, you can trust us to generate ideas for articles, assign content to appropriate writers, and have your copy professionally edited before you ever see it. Get three free content ideas if you’re interested in taking your content marketing to the next level.