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Upwork focuses on uniting customers with article writers.

An article writing service specializes in delivering individual articles to clients. Some of these services, such as Media Shower, vet their stables of writers and editors and individually assign articles based on the writer’s skills. Others, like Upwork, take a different approach.

This article writing service uses a hands-off policy. Writers can sign up for the service and present their portfolios. Clients choose a writer based on his or her proposal for a given article, and the writer delivers the content.

We’ve given Upwork the number-two position on our list of top 10 article writing services. If you need individual articles for your blog, newsletter, or other publication, consider the following in-depth Upwork review.

Pros of Hiring Writers Through Upwork

upwork site
You’ll enjoy an easy signup and selection process at Upwork.

Upwork offers several advantages for clients who need articles. You can sign up for free, browse the on-site talent, and request proposals. You’ll choose a writer whose qualifications and proposal meet your needs. Alternatively, you can ask the company to send you a list of writers who might fit your criteria.

You set the budget for each article you need written. While you might feel tempted to use the lowest possible price, keep in mind that talented, experienced writers won’t bid on jobs that fail to compensate them appropriately.

Some clients prefer article writing services like Upwork because they can browse candidates at leisure. You can also upgrade to Upwork Pro, which connects you with a company representative who can help you fulfill your project.

Cons of Upwork

You have to accept a balance of control and freedom with Upwork. While you can choose your writer at your leisure and set your own specifics, such as deadlines and prices, you also run a few risks.

For instance, a writer who doesn’t have a long-term working relationship with Upwork might simply decide to neglect your project. Alternatively, the copy you receive could prove riddled with errors.

Additionally, Upwork doesn’t work exclusively with article writers. The company connects clients with all different types of professionals, from coders and graphic designers to Android developers and network architects. The lack of focus could result in poorer quality performance on the article writing side.

Customers Respond to Upwork

You’ll find mixed reviews from both clients and article writers on Upwork. Writing for SiteJabber.com, Robert M. feels that “Upwork simply doesn’t have the client base to attract decent freelancers.” However, John B. says, “Employers want to hire the best possible candidates for a job and the job seekers want the best possible price for their work. [Upwork] provides these two parties a platform to develop strong business relationships.”

Some clients have reported issues with administrative failures. For instance, Julia B. says, “Upwork cheats people out of their money. Some freelancers worked for me, I was generally happy with the work and was ready to pay. Upwork suspended my account and the accounts of my freelancers and after 4 days, still have not told me why.”

If you’re looking for an article writing service, you might find an excellent literary partner at Upwork. However, if you want more protection against poor work and help with other tasks, such as ideation, Media Shower offers the best stable of writers, editors, and clients in the market. Get three free content ideas to start your working relationship with our article writers.