Best Blockchain Development Consulting Firms, Rated and Reviewed for 2022

Interested in adopting blockchain technology for your business, but don’t know how? You’ll want to look into hiring a blockchain development firm to help you turn your vision into a reality. We’ve compiled a list of the best blockchain development consulting firms for hire to help you implement blockchain solutions into your business. Top 15Read More…

How Joe Manchin Communicates Loyalty to America in Defying His Party

Joe Manchin is a senator of West Virginia who doesn’t always toe the party line. He’s known to defy the Democratic party to do what he thinks is best for the American people. This makes him a true political powerhouse and someone to watch.

How LinkedIn’s Marketing Made It the Ultimate Job-Hunting Platform

Founded in 2002, LinkedIn is the go-to platform for job seekers and employers. Despite facing heavy competition from sites like Glassdoor and ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn has managed to stay on top. Much of this is due to the company’s effective marketing strategies.

How Trader Joe’s Has Used Great Marketing to Stay at the Top of the “Food Chain”

Trader Joe’s sells quirky, off-brand versions of everyday items. They win by making their shopping experience as fun and unique as possible.

How Nayib Bukele Communicates El Salvador as a Bitcoin Leader

TLDR: When it comes to communicating the importance of bitcoin and cryptocurrency, El Salvador’s president Nayib Bukele is a pro. Since taking office in June 2019, he’s been an outspoken advocate for the adoption of cryptocurrency and bitcoin in his country. His impact has gone beyond El Salvador, however, as his leadership on the issue hasRead More…

How Jan Koum Has Empowered Global Communication Through WhatsApp

Overview: Jan Koum took advantage of the advent of smartphones when he created WhatsApp, a simple and free messaging app with several advantages over texting. Koum made sure his app reliably empowered communication around the world. He used technology to improve the app as it became more popular. So What? WhatsApp has had a profoundRead More…

How Instacart Engages Home Grocery Shoppers

TLDR: Despite fierce competition from players like Amazon and Walmart, Instacart managed to rise quickly from humble beginnings to the top of the grocery delivery industry. Its unique marketing strategies allowed it to stay ahead of the curve, reaping the rewards of its success. So What?  Instacart has utilized smart marketing tactics to remain successful, chiefRead More…

How GrubHub Uses Effective Marketing to Engage Customers Beyond the Delivery

Learn how online food ordering and delivery giant Grubhub marketed its way to success at a time when many people were just figuring out how to use the internet.

Temple Grandin’s Powerful Communication Has Paved the Way for Both Humans and Animals

Learn about Temple Grandin, who overcame severe autism to innovate in the animal science field, teaching others about autism and the people who have it.

How Carter’s Has Stayed Relevant from the Civil War to the Present

Despite being around for almost two centuries, Carter’s is as successful today as it was in 1865. Read how it’s managed to remain a leader all these years.