TLDR: Marketing research is a cornerstone of the profession, yet many don’t have first-party data to do it ourselves. That’s why we found the best AI market research tools and assistants, so you don’t have to.

So what? AI is already revolutionizing market research. Long before generative AI became the latest hip tool, machine learning algorithms drove analytics and insights. Here, we cover both to help marketers take control of research and make the best decisions about available tools and how to use them.


AI has huge potential in marketing, but its most powerful application is as a research tool.

If you’ve been wondering how your business can leverage top AI market research tools, you’ve come to the right place.

Read on to learn how AI-powered market research platforms can get you tailored insights into your audience’s behavior, what your competitors will likely do next, and more. We also have a selection of AI market research prompts to use with tools like ChatGPT.

Top AI Market Research Tools

Many CRMs and marketing platforms are moving to AI-powered market research tools to gather and analyze data and offer business insights based on customer and market behaviors. Here are some of our top picks and why you should consider them.


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The user experience and behavior analytics tool Hotjar will help your business understand customer behavior via insights from heatmaps, surveys, and session recordings. By aggregating data on how your users interact with your website(s), Hotjar can give you a look into user preferences, pain points, and overall experience. Hence, you get better engagement and conversion rates.


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Quantilope combines advanced automation with customizable survey tools to simplify the market research process. It offers a full suite of research methods, including conjoint analysis, max-diff, and implicit association tests. Quantilope’s platform uses AI to speed up data analysis and give users fast insights.


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Pecan specializes in predictive analytics, or using machine learning to analyze historical data and predict upcoming trends. Integrating existing business data sources can help your brand forecast customer behavior and buying patterns, strengthen your marketing strategies, and improve your decision-making.


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Crayon aggregates publicly available data to give you real-time, competitive intelligence. It monitors your competitors’ online activity, including their social media posts, website updates, and news mentions, so you can stay a step (or several) ahead.

SEMrush Market Explorer

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SEMrush Market Explorer is made for market analysis. Web scraping and data aggregation gather information on audience demographics, market trends, and competitor performance to help you find new market opportunities and benchmark your performance against competitors.

Google AI

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Google AI uses many AI and machine learning applications to help you with your market research. Its tools can analyze large datasets to find patterns and trends and improve customer segmentation and targeting strategies. Google AI capabilities are integrated into various products, including Google Analytics and Google Ads, making it easier for your company to use the insights for marketing purposes.


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GigaBrain gathers data from public and proprietary sources to deliver deep market insights. Through advanced algorithms, it analyzes data trends, competitor moves, and market dynamics so you get complete visibility into your competitive landscape and market conditions.

Copy-and-Paste AI Prompts for Market Research

Prompting isn’t a science–it’s an art form. We’ve worked with ChatGPT to put together some prompts that marketers can use to get data, links, and other insights on their industries and customers based on publicly available information.

Industry Trends and Insights

  • “Pretend you are a seasoned marketing analyst in the [industry] industry, analyze the current trends, and predict future shifts. How have these trends impacted consumer behavior and market dynamics?”
  • “Imagine you are presenting at a major industry conference. Provide a comprehensive overview of how the [industry] industry has evolved over the past decade, highlighting key technological advancements and market disruptors.”
  • “You are a consultant tasked with advising a leading [industry] firm on emerging technologies. Identify the technologies set to revolutionize the industry and explain their potential impact.”

Competitive Analysis

  • “Who are the major players in the [industry] industry, and what are their key strengths and weaknesses? How does your company compare?”
  • “As a market intelligence officer, evaluate the competitive landscape of the [industry] industry. What strategies are top companies using to differentiate their products/services?”
  • “You are an industry analyst writing a report on competitive dynamics. How do companies in the [industry] industry position themselves in terms of pricing, innovation, and customer service?”

Market Opportunities

  • “Assume the role of a business development manager exploring new ventures. Identify the untapped opportunities in the [industry] industry and propose a strategy to capitalize on them.”
  • “You are advising a startup entering the [industry] industry. What key factors should they consider to succeed, and what market gaps can they fill?”
  • “As an innovation consultant, analyze the most promising niches within the [industry] industry. How can companies leverage these niches for growth and competitive advantage?”

Marketing Strategies

  • “Assume you are the CMO of a leading [industry] firm. What are the most effective marketing strategies for [product type] in the [industry] industry, and how can you implement them to maximize ROI?”
  • “As a digital marketing specialist, design a social media campaign for a [product type] in the [industry] industry. What platforms and content strategies would you use to engage your target audience?”
  • “What are the best practices for content marketing in the [industry] industry, and how can you measure success?”

Market Size and Forecasting

  • “Imagine you are an investment analyst evaluating the [industry] industry. What is the current market size, and what are the growth projections for the next five years? Discuss the factors influencing these forecasts.”
  • “How do economic factors impact the [industry] industry? Analyze trends such as inflation, unemployment, and GDP growth.”
  • “You are preparing a market outlook report for stakeholders. What are the primary drivers of growth in the [industry] industry, and what risks should companies be aware of?”

Customer Feedback and Satisfaction

  • “How do companies in the [industry] industry gather and analyze customer feedback to improve their products/services?”
  • “As a quality assurance lead, what are the most common customer complaints about [product type], and how can your company address these issues to enhance customer satisfaction?”
  • “What strategies can companies in the [industry] industry implement to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty?”

Using Media Shower AI Assistants for Market Research

market researcher

The Media Shower platform has a suite of AI assistants to help you get the most out of your AI market research. Sign up for a free trial to get access to all our AI assistants, which will take you from marketing strategy to execution. For example:

Content Marketing Keyword AI Assistant

You’ll boost your content marketing strategy with Media Shower’s Keyword Planning Assistant. Input high-value keywords identified through market research tools such as SEMrush Market Explorer, and the assistant will analyze them to create a strategic plan just for you.

Marketing Strategy AI Assistant

Our Marketing Strategy Assistant maximizes your marketing potential by integrating insights from AI market research tools. Our assistant analyzes data to identify trends and recommend actionable moves tailored to target demographics.

Content Marketing Plan AI Assistant

Use the Media Shower Content Marketing Plan Generator to streamline your marketing efforts. By leveraging AI’s benefits for content marketing—such as greater efficiency and better audience targeting—our generator can give you bespoke strategies to optimize your content distribution and user engagement.


Looking to use your insights and marketing information to build your next great campaign? Try the Media Shower Platform for free, and learn how to combine human creativity with the power of AI.