TLDR: While AI has long been part of our favorite social media platforms, it’s only recently that generative tools have started showing up. Image editing and generation tools and built-in writing assistants have shown up on LinkedIn and Meta platforms, and it’s only a matter of time before they become the norm.

So what? Marketing is a creative profession… and a mentally taxing one at that. The emergence of AI tools that either exist as part of a social platform or help you build social media assets can streamline your work without busting your budget or deadlines.

Best AI Tools for Social Media Content Creation in 2024

In this guide, we’ll explore how companies like Meta and LinkedIn are rolling out AI tools to help you do better, faster, and cheaper social media. This is your reference guide on using AI tools to streamline social media tasks like writing, replying to comments, and creating or editing images.

Social Media AI Tools on LinkedIn

Behind the scenes, LinkedIn has embedded AI capabilities into its platform, specifically to support marketers and recruiters using tools like the Job Board and paid campaign manager.

LinkedIn also has an AI Writing Assistant (learn more here). This utility helps you speed up drafting, whether posting content to your timeline or sending InMail messages to potential candidates or sales leads.

For example, when you create a LinkedIn post, you’ll now see a Rewrite with AI button that will take your existing content and rework it to be grammatically correct and better suited for your audience.

You can also provide a bare-bones outline of what you want to say, and the AI writing tool will craft an entire post for you.

Their AI writing capabilities also include suggestions for sections on your profile, including the “About” section, work history, and other sections, to help you stand out on the platform. (Unfortunately, this utility is only available to users of LinkedIn Premium.)

Additional AI tools built into LinkedIn’s interface include:

  • Resume Builder, helping users create professional resumes using information from their profiles and models built from LinkedIn data.
  • Elevate, which provides content suggestions for companies and users to share based on their interests and industries.
  • Insights for Posts, offering suggestions for improving post-performance based on content, time of day, length, and other criteria.

Social Media AI Tools on Meta

Meta AI assistant

Meta (formerly Facebook) has found valuable new ways to embed AI into social platforms. Under the “Meta AI” banner, you’ll find several “AI experiences” that include:

  • AI Stickers: Auto-generated through user-provided prompts and available for users within the platform and Facebook Messenger.
  • AI-powered Translation: Their SeamlessM4T model supports immediate translation across text and speech, including transcription.
  • Image Generation: Users with a Facebook account can use Meta AI to create images based on prompts. Once created, users can animate these images, use further prompts to edit the photos or use them for future image generation.
  • Write with AI: Similar to LinkedIn’s AI Assistant, you can type in a post – or just bullet points of what you want to say – and get suggestions from the AI. Note that this is an early rollout of the product and isn’t available to all users.


Third-Party Social Media Tools

There are additional AI tools that can help marketers create great social media content for Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms:

  • Ocoya: This all-in-one platform resembles social media scheduling tools like Hootsuite, but with more versatility. Not only does Ocoya include built-in AI to help with copywriting, it also integrates with Canva so that you can centralize content creation in one interface.
  • OwlyWriter AI (Hootsuite): Speaking of Hootsuite, this premier social media platform now includes generative AI that can build post content, provide net-new content based on a prompt, plan posting calendars, or repurpose your existing content for optimization.
  • Xyla AI: This generative content creation tool helps you personalize content based on your Shopify store. Features include auto-posting about products, memes, and other fun social media content related to your store.
  • Clipcision: A comprehensive AI-powered YouTube tool, Clipcision includes content generation for SEO, hashtags, titles, and descriptions, a thumbnail generator, and several creative tools, such as hook and idea generators.

Social Media AI Prompts for ChatGPT

With the release of ChatGPT 4o, marketers have access to a whole new set of tools to enhance their social media content.

As a baseline, ChatGPT can help marketers write content through simple prompts like:

Write me a LinkedIn post about our upcoming webinar where we demo our medical billing platform.

Advanced users can build a comprehensive social media campaign with the right prompts. For example:

I am in a business in the network security industry, selling a SaaS network security platform. My client base is midsize to enterprise businesses that manage internal, secure networks and VPNs. I want to run a LinkedIn paid ad and organic campaign on zero-trust security to establish thought leadership for my company. Please draft this campaign for me.

This will return a relatively broad social media plan, but it’s a good starting point. The more information you provide in your prompt, the better the campaign plan it will return. 

You can also build on this prompt. For example:

Using this plan, please give me a 1a/1b paid social post with a body copy of no longer than 150 characters and a headline. Also, assume this is a static image post, so please suggest an image type and some on-image copy. Only test the body copy. 

From there, you can further develop different social media tasks with AI prompts:

  • Thought Leadership on LinkedIn: Write a LinkedIn post discussing the latest trends in network security and how businesses can stay protected.
  • Multi-Tweet Engagement: Tweet a series of quick tips about enhancing network security with zero-trust principles. Use a cohesive thread to cover different aspects and include relevant hashtags for broader reach.
  • Facebook Community Engagement: Write a detailed Facebook post asking followers to share experiences with network security solutions related to <topical security threat or topic>.
  • Instagram Photo Engagement: Write a caption for an infographic on <infographic topic or included data points>. Include engaging language, hashtags, and a closing question that prompts interaction in the comments.
  • General Asset Promotion: Write a detailed organic social post promoting our new <type of asset> on <topic of asset>. Highlight key insights and the call to action. Note that you can include your asset with this prompt for more accurate and relevant content. 

Social Media AI Assistants from Media Shower

Working with tools like ChatGPT can simplify your social media, but the problem is you still have to write the prompts.

At Media Shower, we’ve developed a suite of social media AI assistants that help you do specific marketing tasks, like creating social media posts – no prompting needed! For example:

  • AI Social Media Assistant: This tool takes a specific piece of marketing content and translates it into channel-specific social media content.
  • LinkedIn Headline Generator: This AI tool offers a quick way to get a great headline for your LinkedIn profile, making you more recruitable and increasing your value to employers.

Marketer’s Takeaway

AI is changing the way smart marketers do social media.

While each social platform is baking AI into its core tools, other platforms, like ChatGPT and Media Shower, are targeted to marketers and help you do your social media work cheaper, faster, and better.

Remember that the human creative touch is always needed. No matter which AI tool you use, be sure to add your human creativity: put it in your voice!

Social media is ultimately about being social—connecting, liking, sharing, and retweeting. This is the part that AI can’t do yet: it still takes humans to connect on a human level.

Using AI as your social media assistant can significantly speed up your work. Be sure to include the human touch, which only humans can do.

Ready to combine your ideas with AI’s efficiency and the creativity of an amazing creative team? Start with a free trial of the Media Shower platform.