Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address: How Powerful Communication Liberated a Country

Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address may have been written on the train as he traveled there, but it’s had staying power few presidential speeches have ever experienced.

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The Metaverse is expected to expand over the next few years, with most people spending significant time in this “second reality” as soon as 2026.

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How Maytag’s Marketing Has Powered Over a Century of Home Appliances

Those of a certain age will remember the “Lonely Maytag Repairman”: because Maytag appliances were so dependable, he was the loneliest guy in town.

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Hulk Hogan Vs. The Rock: Who Has the More Powerful Communication Style?

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Hobby Lobby started from humble beginnings. The company was founded in a basement on a $600 loan and has since grown into a massive chain for arts, crafts, and all kinds of holiday decorum with locations across the United States.