I should be living in Texas, working as a horse rancher, eating lots of vegan yogurt (because I’m a Gemini), while gallivanting around with my BFF Disney princess, Rapunzel. I know this because four Facebook quiz results told me so.


The sad reality is that I have succumbed to taking some of those pointless quizzes (insert ashamed monkey with his hands over his eyes emoji). You know you have too.

Brands also know this, and as a result, they are using quizzes as lead generation tools to compel customers to take a look at their companies—and hopefully become leads. Orbitz for Business is one such brand.

Orbitz for Business created a travel quiz called “Is Your Travel Partner A Perfect Match?” The quiz targets corporations that book travel for their employees since the company offers business travel booking services. The quiz is designed to introduce corporations to the service and essentially steal people away from their current travel partners.

In true online quiz form, Orbitz made the quiz fun and whimsical to attract more people.

Notice the heart and the copy below the quiz button. This vibe is carried throughout the quiz. Here is one of the questions:

After the quiz, Orbitz collects the quiz taker’s name and email as a prerequisite to revealing the results. Lead received. The results reveal whether or not you are a match with your travel partner. I chose all positive answers and got this result.

Why do we love personalized quizzes?

Quizzes have been trending for years now, and though BuzzFeed has slowed down a bit, I still see quiz results tainting…I mean gracing my Facebook feed regularly.

We know these quizzes mean nothing so why do we crave them? Admittedly, as I was taking the “Which Disney princess should be your best friend?” quiz, I wanted the result to be Belle, but I got Rapunzel. What is wrong with me? What’s wrong with all of us?

Nothing, really. For centuries, humans innately have been searching for their own identities, who they are and what makes them tick. From the Rorschach Inkblot test to Meyers-Briggs, humans love to discover more about themselves, as it seems an unending quest.

What does all of this have to do with content marketing?

Marketers capitalize on consumer desires and trends to generate leads, sales and more buzz for their brands. Wherever there is pure desire, it can signal an outlet to target for your content marketing campaigns.

Orbitz realized the value of this type of desire-driven content and cleverly retrofitted it into a quiz to generate leads for its service.

Will quizzes work for my business?

It depends. Do you have people as customers? If so (I am hoping that is a “yes”), a quiz may be a beneficial lead generation strategy. Unless you sell something like airplane parts or rubber tubing, quizzes may help you attract more people to your brand and generate potential leads.

If you are thinking about creating a quiz, here are some tips:

Make it fun – No one wants to take a boring quiz. Keep it clever and creative. Use images where possible.

Make it human – Don’t use business language or industry speak in your quizzes. Speak in colloquial language as quizzes lend themselves to a more relaxed vibe.

Keep it short – Avoid asking more than 10 questions. The BuzzFeed average is 8-10.

Encourage sharing – Make it easy for your quiz-takers to share the quiz. Next to the result, add share buttons with a prominent call to action.

Although quizzes are a cool way to generate leads, you don’t necessarily need one to generate buzz and new leads for your business. But, you do need to know and apply some solid content marketing principles, test those strategies and tweak them for maximum effectiveness. If you want some assistance with this, feel free to try us out for free for 30 days. You will receive a free content analysis, content ideas, a free piece of content, a promotional plan and more, with no commitment required.