Yes, the World Cup has everything to do with you, actually.

Content marketing is a way to draw in potential and existing customers through informative, humorous or otherwise entertaining material. It means that customers are on your page even when they aren’t buying something at the moment. Content builds relationships.

What’s Happenin’?

Integrating holidays, seasonal themes or popular events into your content is one fun and effective way to jump on whatever bandwagon is currently at the helm, with your own original twist (and believe it or not, you can find one!)

It also shows what a very cool company you are.


It just so happens that The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) World Cup began on June 12, and millions around the world are watching. (Yes, millions!)

It is also the first South American World Cup since 1978, which is very exciting news for people throughout the Americas. Held in Brazil, this international soccer tournament holds such global interest that it will likely be the most watched, most talked about and most googled event of the year.

Many among the millions just can’t get enough. Even when they know every move in the game, every goal, every injury, every player’s number, height and weight, they still seek out more.

This Relates to You How?

Yeah, yeah. What does this have to do with you, you ask? Everything! Here are some examples of content that could creatively link otherwise unrelated content to the World Cup:

1. An insurance company could post a parody about all the silly ways someone might get hurt playing soccer in the World Cup, and why it would all be A-OK because they’ve got insurance.

2. A foodie site could provide recipes for a host of themed foods to munch on while watching the World Cup.

3. A craft site could list 10 fun crafts that integrate the colors of the World Cup players, Brazil, South American and/or soccer themes.

4. A seller of mulch could post about how to get a World-Cup-stadium-perfect lawn.

Fans just can’t get enough of this subject, even when it’s a little off in left field!

5. A dating site could do a feature on which players your personality type should date, and why.

6. A skin care company could write a blog post about how to get gorgeous skin even when you’re too busy watching the World Cup to spend more than 5 minutes on it.

7. A training and motivational site could delve into which personality traits and habits the World Cup players have that got them where they are, and that people can emulate for their own success.

8. A content marketing company could list some of the many creative ways that its customers can integrate the World Cup into their own marketing (Oh wait, that’s us!)

If you’re watching the games, enjoy! And don’t be afraid to jump on that bandwagon (or to kick that ball into left field for that matter.)