Some marketers came up with very unique ideas for Father’s Day content.

Father’s Day has come and gone, at least for this year. But in its wake, it has left us with some great examples of content marketing.

While Mother’s Day is a much heavier hitter, yielding $19.9 billion in sales, that just means there is all the more room for you and your organization to create a niche within this theme.

And hey, the $12.5 billion brought in for Dad’s day isn’t exactly shabby. That’s a whole lot of people googling “Father’s Day.”

Great Idea # 1. A Tearful Reunion

The grand winner has got to be WestJet and Ronald McDonald House Charities of Canada, which together entered the unspoken content marketing hall of fame this Father’s Day. They decided to surprise a father who was working in one province to support his son, while his wife and children were in another province getting treatment for his sick son. They captured the entire reunion on video of course, for all the world to see. Major brownie points for the airline and children’s charity both.

Of course, not everyone can invest that much in their content marketing, but never fear, there are many ways to provide great content for this and other special days.

Great Idea # 2. Stuff For Smart Masses

Think Geek, which sells “stuff for smart masses,” (say that really fast) refers to the “League of Extraordinary Dads,” has pictures of a Jedi Dad, a music-listening dad, a BBQ dad and a dad with a mean glowing wrist watch at its headers. It injects great humor into its blog post before introducing some very interesting and unusual gift options.

If you think about it, a pretty large percentage of our population are, indeed, fathers.

Great Idea # 3. Martha Darling

Leave it to Martha to offer up a sampling of handmade gifts and Father’s Day meals for you to whip up. She also provides a few gift guides along the way. Among many others, her handmade ideas include map coasters, t-time cupcakes and cut-out frames.

Great Idea # 4. Munchies

On the other end of the spectrum, the Munchies site has a hilarious spoofy collection of trashy gift ideas for Dad, from an edible tie or Marlboro flavored treats to chocolate-covered tools that will break his teeth. There’s something here for every hard-working father.

Publishing Needs Love Too

Sometimes, content is the product!

Great Idea # 5. Parade Parrots

Parade magazine went with a celebrity-quote theme to honor dads this year, with “50 inspiring, funny, poignant or just silly quotes about and from famous fathers,” including Barack Obama, Bill Cosby and even Shakespeare. Quotes are always a very popular and easy form of content to consider.

Great Idea # 6. The New Yorker Recycles

The New Yorker pulled together a collection of past New Yorker cartoons to celebrate the day and give their magazine a little exposure: Nothing like repurposing printed content in a nifty little online slide show.

Whatever you’re selling. We’re pretty sure you can find a fun and interesting tie-in to Father’s Day, holidays, popular events or the current season. Be creative and have fun with brainstorming.