Coldwell Banker has tapped into American’s favorite pastime for content partnership

The world is an increasingly competitive place. To get a message to consumers requires far more savvy and pull than it ever did before. Consumers have developed “ad blindness,” which means that advertising is simply not enough.

To get the attention of a viable consumer and potential customer, businesses must find out what interests the greatest number of consumers, then jump right on it.

Content Marketing

That’s where content marketing comes into play. Today more than ever, businesses are using content marketing to work the Web and gain more presence.

Coldwell Banker, a large real estate franchise, has gone for the gold, aligning itself with Major League Baseball to garner recognition both online and off.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is front and center for Coldwell Banker, and they are not alone. Companies are scrambling to attract new consumers, including emerging youth who have often not yet had a chance to choose every type of service, but will be choosing soon enough.

The Content Marketing Institute claims that 90 percent of business-to-consumer brands are using content marketing. It is not something that organizations can turn a blind eye to.


Through its partnership with Major League Baseball, Coldwell Banker has launched the video series “Coldwell Banker Home Field Advantage,” which introduces fans to baseball players in very personal ways. As a natural tie-in with real estate, the focus is on homes and what makes home games and home life so important to each one of them.

The series, with 13 features, includes footage of former players, including New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia and Steve Garvey of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Real estate banking is a whole lot more interesting when it’s affiliated with popular sports.

Greater Affiliations

In the past, the company sponsored the Coldwell Banker Demo Field spot on ESPN’s Baseball Tonight. Content marketing requires more though, including cross venues.

Timing Counts

Producing timely content makes for a huge boost when it comes to content partnership and marketing.

Coldwell Banker’s VP of brand engagement, David Marine, told Adweek that baseball season and increased housing activity are nicely aligned: Sales go up in the spring, slow down over the summer, and resurge in fall.

Dancing With the Stars

Coldwell Banker’s Blue Matter blog shows a strong commitments to online content, but the company wanted to take it up a notch, through ongoing partnerships with well-known brands such as Major League Baseball, and aligning with famous, popular players – stars of the field.

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