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Is Motherhood stressing you out? Fear not. Managing that stress becomes second nature somewhere between the first and second child. At least, that’s what Luvs’ Diapers would have you believe while watching their marketing campaign. Click here to read more about their strategy. Luvs’ advertising agency Saatchi and Saatchi claim:

“Experienced parents choose our Luvs’ product because they know it works as well as more premium diapers.”

Don’t be fooled into thinking there isn’t a deeper message behind these hilarious ads portraying second time moms being more relaxed in a number of high-pressure mom situations. Sanitizing everything? A first-time mom boils every bottle and pacifier while a second-time mom sucks on the pacifier herself to rid it of germs for her baby. Arriving at the hospital? A first-time mom is scared and overwhelmed by contractions. A second-time mom shows up early and puts in an order for Taco Tuesday at the cafeteria. Breastfeeding? A first-time mom is flustered trying to nurse her baby under a blanket. A second-time mom confidently feeds her child in public.

woman breastfeeding

Breastfeeding isn’t always as easy as it appears!

What do the commercials really do aside from selling diapers? They offer reassurance to new mothers who fearfully think they are destined to always feel bewildered by motherhood. Plus, they give those second-time moms a pat on the back, acknowledging that their confidence is based in experience. So what can other creatives learn from Luvs’ success?

Identify the real stresses that affect your target audience.
Whether your intent is to make them laugh or cry, superficiality only goes so far. An audience responds to reality, even if that means pointing out how uncomfortable you felt the first times you nursed in public, or reminding you of arriving at the hospital in labor, or poking fun at your compulsion to continuously sanitize your baby’s pacifier. Real equals relatable for your audience!

Don’t go too far down any one rabbit hole.
Despite being funny, Luvs’ does not portray either the first or second-time mom in a heavy-handed over-the-top manner. Which is wise, since the behaviors they do portray depict routine reality for the majority of first-time mothers. The ‘veteran’ moms characterized in the ads are more relaxed, but they are not complacent about their children’s safety. They’ve just shed some baggage and gained the confidence to not feel the pressure to be perfect moms all the time.

Don’t over-push your brand.
You shouldn’t need to mention your product repeatedly. Luvs’ chose to mention it only once at the end of the ad in their tagline: ‘Live, Learn, Get Luvs.’ Even more subtle branding was evident in the color palette that played throughout. Their target audience (mothers) are hooked the moment they see another mother struggling with a baby, and they feel understood when they realize their struggles are universal.

stressed baby

“What, I’m stressing you out mom??”

Advertising is often, and rightly so, blamed as being superficial and untruthful in an all-out-effort to sell the product. But similarly to a work of art, some advertisements presented to society can provide laughter and reassurance. These ads create a strong community instead of a polarizing one. The ability to be relatable and non-judgmental is definitely something to strive for when you put anything out in the world in which you’d like people to take notice.

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