Most people associate LinkedIn with job searching and acquisition on the social media landscape, but McDonald’s Australia has flipped a few tables and begun to accept job applications through Snapchat.

Good old Ronald has gotten hip to the information age and adopted Snapchat filters as a viable employment engagement strategy. Applicants must take a photo of themselves, use a special McDonald’s filter, and record a 10-second elevator pitch to restaurant managers.

There’s no word yet on the Snapchat strategy’s success or failure, but we’re intrigued by this new trend.

A Winning Smile

Can I take your order?

Imagery has become part of employment culture. Many experts now recommend including a photo with your resume as well as on your social media profiles.

Videos, graphic resumes, and other imagery have also become popular. Apparently, we’re all judging books by their covers.

However, McDonald’s Australia is using the Snapchat strategy because the recording lets applicants sell their winning personalities. McDonald’s wants to hire bright, bubbly, customer service-oriented employees, and they want job candidates to exemplify those qualities while wearing a McDonald’s hat via the Snapchat filter.

In other words, if you want to work at McDonald’s Down Under, you’d better smile for the camera.

Social Media Fever

Who doesn’t use social media these days? Companies employ these platforms to engage customers, share their content, find new clients, and build their brands.

Social media job applications were the next logical progression.

While we don’t recommend hiring your next CEO via Snapchat, McDonald’s Australia might have discovered a trendy new way to find top talent in an industry that sometimes turns off potential employees.

Starting Small

New jobs are just a “snap” away…

Obviously, the aptly-titled Snaplications won’t serve as the entire interview process. Mickey D’s plans to use the Snaps as a preliminary tool to find potentially solid employees.

According to Fortune magazine, McDonald’s began this campaign to attract the younger generation of job seekers. Most of the Snap users are Millennials, which means that the social media platform can target McDonald’s ideal employee audience.

Fortune reports that more than 100,000 people work for McDonald’s in Australia alone. The company wants to expand its workforce, however, and keep up with the rapid turnover associated with fast food careers.

Should You Follow in Mickey D’s Footsteps?

When you keep an eye on big brands like McDonald’s, you get excellent ideas. While you might not want to follow this formula specifically, you could look for potential hires via social media.

Employment branding has become a hot topic in all industries. It’s almost as important as commercial branding.

In other words, you need a way to attract the top talent in your industry. Social media allows you to develop a following and a brand aimed specifically at potential hires.

Creating a dedicated employment branding blog as well as employment branding social media accounts might put you ahead of your competition.

In fact, content marketing can work just as well for employment branding as it does for attracting customers. Get a free trial here at Media Shower and let us help you find the next member of your team.