Digital media is essential for every business these days. Toby Ward, the founder and president of Prescient Digital Media, knows a lot about the many facets of creating dynamic media in the digital age. He began his career in broadcast journalism before moving into communications, and then the technology side of communications. He started Prescient Digital Media nearly 15 years ago with a focus on enterprise intranet consulting. Toby generously shared with us his ideas on what makes a website highly effective at connecting with potential customers.

Who should be visiting the Prescient Digital Media website, and what can they expect to find there?

Our customers and potential customers, usually corporations and not-for-profits that need help with their enterprise intranet or website, are the biggest users of our website.

What are some of the things that make a website highly effective at connecting with potential customers?

Good content makes a highly effective website – like content that informs and educates without forcing the customer to phone for more information (though they’re certainly encouraged to, and we have our phone number in the header and footer of each page).

What are some best practices that a business should follow when creating a website?

Have your phone number and the “contact us” link in the header and footer of every page; include a detailed “about us” section with client testimonials and case studies; provide lots of content and details on all your products and services; and ensure your pages download quickly (pages must load quickly or the visitor will leave).

What are some things you should never do on a professional website?

Never provide too much color or too many moving objects (e.g. animation, video, etc.). Spelling errors also kill credibility.

What do you ultimately aim to provide business owners?

We provide our business owner customers with the best, highest-quality intranet and website professional services on the planet.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

An intranet is not a website; a website consultant is not an intranet consultant. Intranets are highly complex – far more so then websites. An experienced intranet consultant is mandatory when redesigning or building a new enterprise intranet.

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