Our client, a top personal finance site, was looking for a top ten Google ranking on the lucrative keyword "credit card concierge," which are the personal concierge services included with high-end credit cards.

We wrote an article where we signed up for a credit card with concierge service, then spent several weeks asking the concierges to perform hilarious tasks for us. We asked them to help us locate a 6-gallon tub of nacho cheese. We said we were suffering from low self esteem, and had them call us every day with positive affirmations. We asked them to help us book trips into space.

After the piece went live on the client's site, we sent it to Tim Ferriss, creator of the best-selling 4-Hour Workweek. He liked it so much, he reposted the entire article on his blog, with a link to sign up for the card on our client's site.

From there, the piece went mega-viral, making the homepage of StumbleUpon, and generating thousands of Facebook and Twitter shares. In the end, the article ranked #1 and #2 on Google for keyword "credit card concierge."

(Postscript: A few months later, we called Chase Visa, the makers of the credit card that we used for the piece. Apparently their concierge department had been so overwhelmed with new applications for the card that they had to completely overhaul the department!)

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