Creating content for the purposes of marketing requires a specific skill set that isn’t always easy to learn as you go. If you want to earn premium rates and have access to the best assignments, training in content marketing techniques and best practices will give you a leg up on the competition.

These are some of the top content marketing training courses available today, ranging from free to prestigious but pricy. There is something for every level of need and every training budget.

Top Content Marketing Courses

NameCostHours requiredTopics CoveredCredentials EarnedSocial FollowingScore
Hubspot Content Marketing CertificationFree6 hours 20 minutesSEO
Video content
Repurposing content
Content strategy
Content promotion
Certificate upon completionFacebook: 48,841
Twitter: 42,529
LinkedIn: 58,455
LInkedIn Learning Content Marketing TutorialsFree first month, then $19.95/month for unlimited accessModules vary from under 1 hour to several hours eachContent creation
Content strategy
Lead generation
Certificate upon completionFacebook: 1,276,897
Twitter: 16,972
LinkedIn: 2,531,271
Google Digital GarageFree40 hours to complete all modulesContent creation
Content strategy
Social media
Certificate upon completion with examFacebook:2,505
Twitter: 1,500
LinkedIn: 1,927
eCornell Marketing Strategy Certificate$3600 for six online courses3 monthsMarketing strategy
Research and analysis
Distribution strategy
International marketing
Certificate upon completionFacebook: 114,273
Twitter: 5,651
LinkedIn: 113,372
SEMRush Content Marketing ToolkitFree3 hoursSEO
Content creation
Content analysis
Topic research
Certification with examFacebook: 189,251
Twitter: 4,070
LinkedIn: 122,872
Content Marketing Institute University99530+ hours of content, with 12 month of access per enrollmentPlanning Audience Story Channels Process Conversation Measurementcertification upon completionFacebook: 155,337
Twitter: 304,022
LinkedIn: 100,395
eMarketing Institute Content Marketing InstituteFree161 page ebook, self-paced study with testcontent creation
content optimization
content management
content distribution
professional certificate upon completion of examFacebook: 6,088
Twitter: 1,144
LinkedIn: 6,413
Clickminded Content Marketing Training9973-6 hoursContent framework
Channel selection
Calls to action
Campaign walkthrough
certification upon completionFacebook: 2,048
Twitter: 1,741
LinkedIn: 611
American Marketing Association Digital Marketing Certification$249 for members, $349 for non-members30 hours of self-paced study with two hours for exam analytics, social media marketing, user experience (UX), search engine optimization (SEO), digital advertising, email marketing, and content marketing.Certification with passage of exam (80%)Facebook: 160,651
Twitter: 70,805
LinkedIn: 237,996

1. Hubspot Content Marketing Certification

The Hubspot Content Marketing Certification course teaches a framework for producing marketing content according to effective SEO principles, as well as repurposing old content to adapt to new search algorithms. Blogging, video content, content promotion, and analytics are all covered. The course is free and includes a certification upon successful completion of an exam at the end. Rating: 5.0

2. LinkedIn Learning Content Marketing Tutorials

The LinkedIn Learning Content Marketing Tutorials training course has modules that cover the basics of content marketing along with specialized topics related to content marketing. Certificates are given when modules are completed. A small monthly fee covers as many modules as you can complete, and the first month is free. Rating 5.0

3. Google Digital Garage

The free Google Digital Garage program offers 32 different courses in digital marketing, including a Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course that takes 40 hours to complete. Certificates are offered upon the completion of each course. Some of the courses are taught and administered by Google, while others are by industry experts or done through platforms like Coursera. Rating: 4.5

4. eCornell Marketing Strategy Certificate

The eCornell Marketing Strategy Certificate is a pricy but top-notch choice for content marketing training with the prestige of a certificate from Cornell upon completion. The courses cover marketing strategy, ethics, research and analysis, branding and distribution strategy, and are geared toward corporate employees of midsize and larger companies. Along with certification, learners can also get continuing education hours through these courses. Rating: 4.0

5. SEMRush Content Marketing Toolkit

SEMRush Content Marketing Toolkit is a shorter course with nine lessons that will only take you three hours to complete, yet will teach you how to use the site’s tools to develop, review and measure your content using SEO principles, all for free. Research, distribution, and tracking are also covered, and the course is taught by SEO expert Ashley Ward. Rating: 4.0

6. Content Marketing Institute University

The great thing about the Content Marketing Institute University course is that it is constantly updated to reflect changes in the industry. CMI chief strategy officer Robert Rose teaches six of the course’s seven parts and the seventh has material from other industry experts. The price of $995 is somewhat prohibitive for many freelancers, but the course is comprehensive. Rating: 4.0

7. eMarketing Institute Content Marketing Training

A free self-taught beginner course using free e-book materials, eMarketing Institute Content Marketing Training offers professional certification if you can pass the test at the end of the course. Covers content creation, strategy, and tracking/metrics. Best for good independent learners. Rating: 4.0

8. Clickminded Content Marketing Training

The ClickMinded Content Marketing Training promises to teach students how to develop profitable content campaigns by creating content for a target persona and focusing on your marketing funnel leading to customer conversion. Once you purchase the course, you get unlimited lifetime access to the content, which includes lectures, downloadable slides, and quizzes. Rating 4.0

9. American Marketing Association (AMA) Digital Marketing Certification

The AMA is the largest digital marketing association in the world, and this certification is a self-study program with an exam that gets you a dual certification from AMA and the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI). Unlike many self-study programs, this one has a fee of $349 for members and $249 for non-members, and participants must score 80% on the final exam to get the certification. Rating: 4.0

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