For blockchain companies and other startups, planning a marketing budget is essential.

There will always be trial and error when developing a marketing budget, but there are data-focused tools available that can keep the trial and error to a minimum.

Careful planning and research can ensure that the money you spend on marketing gets you the best ROI. Consider the money you spend on marketing as an investment designed to bring you clients who will use your services for a long time. How you spend that money will depend on what is generally required in your industry to bring new people through the door (or through the landing page).

Once you understand how clients will find you, what they need to know before buying from you, and what factors contribute to their final decision to choose you, you can start making your marketing plan. While your marketing plan may not use all of the types of marketing discussed below, knowing what they are and how they work will help you determine how big a role they should play.

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Common Elements of a Blockchain Marketing Plan


Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a form of marketing wherein you pay each time a user clicks on one of your online ads. Paid search ads are a popular type of PPC ad. PPC ads are placed based on an ad auction, which is an automated process that search engines use to determine how relevant an ad is with search engine results pages. Auctions are based on keywords that you want to trigger the display of your ad. Keyword tools help you find the right keywords on which to bid so that your ads are most likely to drive sales.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is based on valuable and relevant content (blog posts and original videos, for example) designed to attract and retain your defined target audience. Ultimately, the goal of content marketing is to drive sales. Rather than overtly pitching your products or services, content marketing gives people useful and relevant information to help them solve their problems. The subject matter is based on keyword research designed for search engine optimization (SEO).

Content marketing works, as long as you have a strategy for production and posting of high-quality content in a consistent manner. Brand blogs and YouTube channels are prime examples of content marketing.

Blockchain marketing budget

Events and Trade Shows

These are generally not regular expenditures, but there may be events or trade shows in the blockchain industry that are a great fit for your products or services. Marketing at trade shows and events represents a large one-time investment, but it can pay off well in terms of networking and immersing potential customers in the experience of using your product or services.


Referrals are gold in the world of blockchain marketing. When someone, unprompted, recommends you to someone else, you stand to gain a new customer at little cost. While you can’t make people give referrals, you can encourage the practice through your organic social media presence, and through your content marketing.

Social Media Ads

Social media advertising is highly targeted, and that’s why so many companies use it. Your customers – whatever it is you’re selling – are on social media. It’s up to you to determine which platform they prefer and to understand their characteristics in detail. Then you can use the advertising tools offered by social media platforms to deliver your ads to exactly the people you want to target.

There is one word of caution, here, however. You must research the advertising policies of the social media platform you intend to use for your blockchain marketing. Not all social media platforms allow ads pertaining to the blockchain space.

Podcast Sponsorship

Podcast sponsorship is a newer medium, and it’s not for everyone. However, podcast audiences are growing quickly, and if you understand the medium, you can use it to your advantage. Most podcast ads are sold on a CPM (cost per mille, or 1,000 impressions) basis. Advertisers that succeed in podcast marketing must be willing to test thoroughly to learn what delivers results.

Free Template to Organize Your Marketing Spending

One way to keep your marketing spending organized is by using a spreadsheet. Simply fill out this brief form to download your free marketing spend template.

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Thank you for downloading your complimentary marketing spend template! Blockchain marketing, like any other type of successful marketing, requires organization, testing, and refining, and that is much easier to do if you have your numbers organized in one place. Use this template to organize your blockchain marketing spend and analyze your results.

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