The rise of blockchain technology has created many new career opportunities. One such career path is the blockchain evangelist.

In this article, discover what a career as a blockchain evangelist entails, how to find such vacancies, and what salaries can be expected in 2019.

What Is a Blockchain Evangelist?

The term ‘blockchain evangelist’ has its roots in evangelism marketing. Evangelism marketing is a form of word of mouth advertising where highly motivated and devoted individuals dedicate their time to extolling the value of a certain product or service, with the aim of attracting others to it.

In the same vein, blockchain evangelists are people who are convinced of the power and potential of blockchain technology and are willing to spend time to disseminate their knowledge and belief in the innovation. 

Man in a business suit with bitcoin symbols in the background

In the early days of the blockchain sector, just following the release of the Bitcoin whitepaper, this new sector relied on word of mouth to grow. Fortunately, because of the disruptive nature of the technology created by Satoshi Nakamoto, it did not take much for people who interacted with and understood it to introduce others to it.

In the past ten years, the blockchain industry has grown immensely in a relatively short amount of time. There are new developments on what seems like a daily basis. Furthermore, the space has grown beyond the financial industry and the technology is being implemented in a wide array of industries. As a result, many companies are now creating paid positions within their organizations for professionals who are well versed with the sector in its entirety and can communicate this effectively to the public.

Responsibilities and Requirements

Different organizations have different requirements for the position of blockchain evangelist. However, there are some consistent themes that would be good to know about if you are looking to apply for one of these positions.

  • In-depth knowledge of blockchain tech
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent writing capabilities

First, of utmost importance is to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology. This includes the various types of distributed ledgers, cryptocurrencies,  as well as how the technology is being implemented in various industries. Additionally, a blockchain evangelist must stay informed of the happenings within the sector. To be sure that candidates meet this requirement, some organizations may specify that they will only accept those who have some experience in a tech organization.

Secondly, to be a blockchain evangelist, you must demonstrate excellent average communication skills both in the spoken and written word. While blockchain technology may be a somewhat complex innovation, an evangelist needs to explain its features in the most effective manner. A blockchain evangelist needs to be able to communicate with different types of people, from those with no knowledge to experts in the field.

Similarly, responsibilities vary from organization to organization. However, the position centers around disseminating information. A blockchain evangelist will typically draft documents for internal use as well as publishing thought leadership style articles online. Additionally, some companies will require the candidate to speak at conferences or internally.

How Much Can You Make?

 Blockchain evangelist salaries



Remuneration for the position of blockchain evangelist typically ranges between $30,000 and $130,000 annually, with an average salary of $63,000. To find such listings you can look at SimplyHired, Binance and ConsenSys are also looking to fill the position.

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