Reddit stands out as one of the most used social media networks in the bitcoin community, which makes it a valuable marketing channel for blockchain marketers who are looking to promote a new project.

Here, we’ve compiled some of the best bitcoin and blockchain subreddits for marketers that you can leverage to spread the word about your blockchain startup’s product, service, or token sale.

Name Description Popularity in Digital Currency Community Number of Members Openness to Promotion of New Projects Number of Moderators Investment Focus Score
r/CryptoCurrency r/CryptoCurrency is an extremely popular Subreddit for digital currency users and investors. This subreddit has over 870,000 users and is a great place to provide value-adding information about your project. However, ICO promotions are not allowed to any information posted must be relevant to the community and not promotional. 5 869,000 3 10 4 4.5
r/CryptocurrencyICO r/CryptocurrencyICO is one of the most popular digital currency subreddits with a focus on initial coin offerings. As a marketer, you can use this subreddit to promote your project’s token sale and receive feedback. Additionally, you can answer any questions that may come up and engage with the community to help you win potential investors for your token sale. 3 20,300 5 4 5 4
r/ethereum r/ethereum is the go-to subreddit for all things Ethereum. It is a place to discuss the latest developments surrounding the Ethereum network and projects built on the protocol. If your project is leveraging the Ethereum blockchain, this subreddit provides an excellent channel to share your venture’s product or service. ICO promotions are not permitted, however, even if the token sale will be conducted on the Ethereum blockchain. 5 435,000 2 10 2 4
r/icocrypto r/icocrypto is the largest ICO-focused channel on Reddit. It provides an excellent marketing avenue for your project’s token sale. Ensure that your content adds value and highlight your project’s biggest selling points. The subreddit also provides a great place to receive feedback on your project, which can help you fine tune the token sale. 4 72,500 5 1 5 4
r/CryptocurrencyICOs r/CryptocurrencyICOs is another ICO subreddit that allows you to share your project’s ICO information, news, and updates. If you want to promote your ICO, here you can. Links are not permitted, which means you will have to write up your content directly into Reddit. 2 18,000 5 4 5 3.5
r/Bitcoin r/Bitcoin is the go-to subreddit for all things bitcoin. With a user base of over one million bitcoiners, it is the largest digital currency community on the social media network. If you are marketing a project that is using bitcoin in its product or service, this subreddit is the best place to promote it and to receive feedback directly from potential users. Token sale promotions, however, will get your account banned very quickly, as they are not permitted. 5 1,000,000 1 10 2 3.5
r/cryptocurrencynewico As the name suggests, r/cryptocurrencynewico is a subreddit for new ICOs. If you are launching a token sale, this channel is a good place to share it to receive feedback, engage with potential investors, and to get the word out about the ICO. 2 17,200 5 4 5 3.5
r/BlockChain r/BlockChain is the biggest and most popular blockchain subreddit, which contains content and discussion on a wide variety of blockchain-related news, events, and projects. ICO discussions are not welcome but if your project has an existing product, you can share it with this community. 4 61,800 3 5 2 3.5
r/ico In r/ico/ you can share news and updates about your blockchain startup’s token sale. This subreddit is a place for users to find and discuss new ICOs. 2 19,000 5 3 5 3
r/Crypto_Currency_News r/Crypto_Currency_News is arguably the most popular digital currency news channel on Reddit. This subreddit provides an excellent opportunity to share important news and updates about your project. However, ensure that it is relevant to the community and not pure promotion. 3 54,800 4 1 3 3
r/IcoInvestor As the name r/IcoInvestor suggests, this subreddit is targeted at digital asset investors who are interested in initial coin offerings. It is, therefore, an ideal marketing avenue to promote your project’s token sale to a very targeted audience. 1 5,900 5 1 5 2.5
r/icocryptoo Similar to the other listed ICO subreddits, r/icocryptoo is a channel for news, updates, and discussion around initial coin offerings. If you want to promote your token sale on Reddit, you can do so here. 1 9,600 5 1 5 2.5

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