Best ICO Listing Sites

by Jennifer Krausz on 12/11/2020

We’ve researched and compiled an exhaustive list of the best ICO listing sites for your token sale. We look at cost, ease of use, social rankings, and Alexa rankings to evaluate each site and help you determine whether it’s a fit for listing your project.

Site NameDescriptionListing typeSelf-serve vs. Request for ListingSocial FollowingAlexa Traffic RankScore
CoinGeckoCollecting all data required for qualitatively and quantitatively ranking altcoin potentialFreeSelf-serveFacebook: 6,515
Twitter: 13,900
CointelegraphLatest news, prices, breakthroughs, and analysis on the digital currency communityFreeSelf ServiceFacebook: 729,000
Twitter: 406,000
CryptoCompareLive prices, charting, and market analysis from 65 top global crypto exchangesFreeSelf-serveFacebook: 15, 062
Twitter: 21,000
ICO BenchAn ICO rating platform used by investors and other financial expertsFree
Paid 0.1 BTC
Self-serveLinkedIn: 1,148
Facebook: 12,242
Twitter: 10,400
IcobenchAn ICO rating platform supported by financial experts and investorsFree (regular) Paid 0.1 BTC (premium)Self ServeLinkedIn: 1,264
Facebook: 12,000
Twitter: 10,700
NewsBTCHelping investors find out what’s happening in ICOs, including hot and trending ICOsFreeSelf ServeFacebook: 20,512
Twitter: 39,800
WorldcoinindexListing of over 1,500 cryptocurrencies and connected to over 100 cryptocurrency exchangesFreeSelf ServeFacebook: 6,238
Twitter: 9,180
ICO DropsIndependent database of ICOs and token sales, unaffiliated with any ICO project or companyFreeRequest for listingTwitter: 54,90014,1343.5
IcobufferPlatform offering ICO services like smart contracts, tech support, legal support, and creative supportFreeSelf ServeFacebook: 15,476
Twitter: 369
ICOholderPlatform established to give users reliable information on the best ICO projectsPaid: 1.5 ETHSelf ServeFacebook: 11,442
Twitter: 1,571
ICORatingSpecializing in evaluating companies planning ICOs and crowdsales through objective analysisFreeRequest for listingTwitter: 34,00079,5113.5
BitcoinchaserList of upcoming ICOs and token sales, updated daily with dates, links, key informationPaid starting at €99Self ServeTwitter: 2,166
Facebook: 8,388
CoincentralShowcasing new developments with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologyUnknownRequest for listingTwitter: 8,44855,2053
CoinfundaICO listing and rating directory, including upcoming, active, and ended ICOsFreeSelf ServeFacebook: 2,115
Twitter: 2,801
CoinhillsOffers user-friendly access with prices of bitcoin and all other major cryptocurrenciesFreeRequest for listingFacebook: 1,053
Twitter: 5,201
CrushcryptoHigh-quality, objective fundamental analysis in cryptocurrency investingFreeRequest for listingTwitter: 10,800139,4723
CryptoCoinChartsBitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoin market listingsFreeRequest for listingTwitter: 3,604122,7553
ICO Watch ListICO opportunities, updated daily for staying on top of cryptocurrency and blockchain tech offeringsFreeRequest for listingFacebook: 2,598
Twitter: 2,291
ICOCalendar.TodayPart of the ICOBay Group, offering digital marketing solutions for startups to medium businessesPaid: Starting at $99Request for listingFacebook: 9,30022,8003
Smith + CrownListing of cryptofinancial research, analysis, and data for digital currencies including BitcoinFreeRequest for listingTwitter: 12,500251,5073
BitsifyCurated, maintained platform for ICOs and ICO servicesPaid: $150Request for listingTwitter: 1,870214,6402.5
Bl4nkcodeICO listings, PR publishing services, resources for learning about blockchain and cryptocurrenciesPaid: $100Self ServeFacebook: 125
Twitter: 4,780
Coinist 50Cryptocurrency index of the 40 most popular tokens (not currencies) based on market capPaid: Starting at $499Self ServeTwitter: 627298,9422.5
CoinratingICO database including upcoming, ongoing, and past ICOs as well as industry informationFreeSelf ServeTwitter: 2902,776,0002.5
CoinstakerCurated ICO list of high-quality fundraising projectsUnknownRequest for listingFacebook: 2,256
Twitter: 3,926
CryptoCanucksCanadian news and media outlet for cryptocurrency and blockchain newsPaid: $299Self ServeLinkedIn: 78
Facebook: 309
Twitter: 1,575
FoundicoListings of pre-ICO and existing ICO cryptocurrency projectsUnknownRequest for listingFacebook: 3,200
Twitter: 875
ICO DailyInformative ICO listing platform for tracking upcoming and ongoing ICOs on a daily basisFreeRequest for listingTwitter: 2,817741,5122.5
ICO Hot ListInvestigating current and upcoming ICOs, curated and up to dateFreeRequest for listingFacebook: 171
Twitter: 4,954
IcodailyOne of the oldest lists of ICOs, wit news for tracking past, current, and future token salesFreeSelf ServeTwitter: 2,823999,999,9992.5
IcolancerDetails about ICO crowdsales, tokens, release dates, as well as past and upcoming ICOsUnknown pricing but a table is offered to buy, no pricing provided.Request for listingFacebook: 7,243
Twitter: 2,908
IcosourceDaily updated resources for tracking and learning about investment-worthy token salesFreeSelf ServeTwitter: 1,7011,978,0002.5
IcowatchlistResources for discovering the best ICO opportunities, updated dailyUnknownRequest for listingTwitter: 2,499150,0002.5
InvestitinDaily financial news source with breaking news, ICO reviews, other crypto fund informationPaid: $249 to $750Self ServeFacebook: 284
Twitter: 1,447
Verified ICOsAn unbiased rating and review source driven by top investors and crypto financial expertsUnknownRequest for listingTwitter: 18,800406,9392.5
52ICO.comChinese site offering listings as well as ICO project newsUnknownRequest for listingTwitter: 23634,5672
BitcoinXInformation on acquiring, exchanging, and spending cryptocurrencies, plus updated list of top ICOsPaid: Pricing not listedRequest for listingFacebook: 135
Twitter: 1,888
CoinformantDirectory of blockchain and cryptocurrency resources for discussing and rating productsFree & Paid starting at $199Self ServeInstagram: 3
Twitter: 191
Facebook: 80
CoinJinjaJapan’s top ICO listing site, with downloadable CoinView cryptocurrency appUnknownRequest for listingFacebook: 57
Twitter: 261
Crypto ICO AlertAggregator of upcoming, ongoing, and past ICO listingsFreeSelf ServeFacebook: 46
Twitter: 143
ICOMarketDataComprehensive ICO platform offering tools for avoiding scams and maximizing current ICOsUnknownSelf ServeTwitter: 1,968868,1712
TokentopsGeneral ICO asset list with ratings, reviews, and countdowns for upcoming ICOsUnknownUnknownNo following199,8002
FoxICOComprehensive listing of ICO projects with in-depth project analysisUnknownRequest for listingFacebook: 119584,4941.5
IcomonitorResource for investors and journalists for evaluating ICO transparency and trustworthinessFreeUnknownNo following4,184,0001.5
IcoquestWebsite with updated ICO list, including current and upcoming ICOs, plus newsFreeRequest for listingTwitter: 1706,407,0001.5

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If you are looking to raise capital via a token sale, getting listed on the leading token sale listing platforms will help you to get more eyes on your project.

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