Interested in adopting blockchain technology for your business, but don’t know how? You’ll want to look into hiring a blockchain development firm to help you turn your vision into a reality.

We’ve compiled a list of the best blockchain development consulting firms for hire to help you implement blockchain solutions into your business.

Top 15 Best Blockchain Development Consulting Firms

We have compiled a list of the best blockchain development consulting firms for hire to help you implement blockchain solutions into your business.

NameNotable Clients/PartnershipsKey ServicesTwitter FollowersCost per hour ($)Score
Block CypherBitGo, Coinbase, ProtonMail, Rakuten, SALT, tZeroData centers, APIs, cloud infrastructure, blockchain node, hosting, blockchain data storage7,292$25 - $49/hr
BlockstreamSpecter, Real Ventures, Seven Seas Partners, Digital Currency Group, AME Cloud VenturesMiner hosting, Lightning Network implementation, wallet setup, business blockchain solutions194,100$25 - $49/hr
SoluLab Inc.Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, IBM, Microsoft, SKYFchain, Bistox, Suchapp, Parkres, Airpod, W12
Smart contract development, Dapps development, private blockchain, blockchain consulting, ICO development and launch, exchange platforms, crypto wallet development, hyperledger and multichain development
BitFuryCipher Mining, Abra, BitGo, GoCoin, Hut 8 Mining, XapoBlockchain consulting, high performance computing, crypto infrastructure, artificial intelligence22,300$50 - $99/hr
Alpha PointCME Group, Chivo, Bitpoint, Elevated ReturnsExchange software, liquidity solutions, wallet solutions, tokenization6,309$25 - $49/hr
BloqDiscover, Ethereum Classic Labs, Citigroup, FidelityStaking, nodes, defi, crypto mining, metaverse, blockchain business solutions8,431$25 - $49/hr
ConsenSysAWS, Microsoft, WWF, P&G, Hitachi
Defi, NFTs, Web3, blockchain solutions, blockchain education
165,500$50 - $99/hr
Prolitus TechnologiesAmazon, Binance, Solana, HyperledgerNFT token development, defi wallets, yield farming, dapp development, KYC blockchain solutions, smart contracts240$25 - $49/hr
Pragmatic DLT incScaling Ventures, Hacken, ICO FortressSolution discovery, proof of concept, product development, iterative development673$50 - $99/hr
Venture AviatorRentberry, ShipHawk, AllianzSoftware development, blockchain development, strategic services276$50 - $99/hr
LeewayHertzPepsico, Siemens, P&G, ESPN, Disney, BudweiserBlockchain consulting, dapp development, smart contracts, stablecoin development, blockchain wallet apps1,687$100 - $149/hr
TechnoloaderCoin IBT, Rightpoint, India Travel, Indra Air, The Cosmos HospitalityWeb design and development, software and mobile app development, games, smart contracts, digital marketing217$25 - $49/hr
ErrnaLACoinEx, UTZ, XBitAsiaBlockchain consulting, smart contracts, blockchain apps, exchange software0$50 - $99/hr
HoC SolutionsKalpssoft, DM Communications, Capgemini America IncBlockchain app development, crypto wallets, ICO marketing, crypto exchange development123< $25/hr
LabrysCloud Nalu, iumiCash, AuroxSmart contract development, blockchain consulting, blockchain integrations, token development, POC development441$150-$199/hr


Block Cypher

Founded in Redwood City, CA in 2014, Block Cypher helps developers build apps and avoid costly infrastructure. In eight years, the company has established itself as a global firm that allows companies to deploy blockchain solutions.


Also established in 2014, Blockstream builds crypto-based infrastructure on the BTC network. The company invests heavily in research and development designed to further establish the protocols and ecosystems of leading digital currency technologies.


SoluLab has heavy knowledge in crypto wallet and exchange solutions. The company provides extensive development support for ICOs, starting with conceptual token design and smart contracts and ending with site deployment and infrastructure maintenance.


Coming to fruition in 2011, BitFury is one of the crypto space’s earliest BTC mining companies. The firm provides tools and services for making the web3 and crypto ecosystems safe for investors of all levels.

Alpha Point

Alpha Point is a fintech firm that offers top-notch blockchain solutions for digitizing assets, launching crypto markets, and reducing operational costs.


This firm builds blockchain solutions for businesses looking to implement blockchain technology into their operations.


ConsenSys offers a string of products including MetaMask, Infura, and others to allow any business to establish NFTs and Ethereum-based tokens. From there, they can participate in defi, the metaverse, and DAOs.

Prolitus Technologies

Prolitus offers solutions for businesses looking to undergo ERP implementations. As one of the most comprehensive blockchain firms in the world, the company consistently strives for excellence. Prolitus offers a team of more than 150 blockchain consultants to assist with your projects. It is also one of the first adopters of blockchain.

Pragmatic DLT

This company will work with your firm from day one to help you establish your product. By beginning with a series of drafting sessions, Pragmatic DLT helps you discover the risks of your product and then brings it to fruition through blockchain in the fastest and easiest way possible.

Venture Aviator

Venture Aviator specializes in software development, blockchain development, and artificial intelligence projects. The company has multiple offices in the U.S. including L.A., New York, and San Francisco.


Established in 2007, this firm is based in San Francisco and offers an award-winning team of more than 250 consultants. The company adopts and works with new technologies including blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) and helps businesses integrate these technologies into their operations.


Technoloader is a global IT solutions company that provides blockchain solutions for enterprises big and small. The firm offers cost-effective tools for implementation and seeks to provide the best of blockchain through every project.


As a blockchain consulting firm, Errna offers assistance in all areas of digital currency and fintech for businesses including ICO launches, exchange platform development, and smart contract deployment.

Home of Crypto Solutions

This company aims to fix all your software and blockchain needs. Home of Crypto specializes in back-end programming, front-end programming, UI and UX design, and boasts deep knowledge of many development areas including C++, JavaScript, and Python.


Labrys has helped startups, large businesses, and governments plan and build specialized blockchain tools. The company designs, creates, and launches products with help from blockchain.

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