Are you interested in adopting blockchain technology in your business but do not possess the technical know-how to make it happen? In that case, you want to look at hiring a blockchain development firm to help you turn your vision into a reality.

We have compiled a list of the best blockchain development consulting firms for hire to help you implement blockchain solutions into your business.

Top 15 Best Blockchain Development Consulting Firms

We have compiled a list of the best blockchain development consulting firms for hire to help you implement blockchain solutions into your business.

NameNotable Clients and/or PartnershipsKey ServicesTwitter FollowersCost per hour ($)Score
Block CypherPurseio, Xapo, Coinbase, BitRefill, Abra, JoyStream, BitWage, BitPesaData centers, APIs, cloud infrastructure, blockchain node hosting, blockchain data storage7,115$25 - $49/hr
BlockstreamIntercontinental Exchange, PwC, Digital Garge, Inacta AGBitcoin network development, blockchain solutions, off-chain payments solutions123,404$25 - $49/hr
SoluLab Inc.Skyfchain, Microsoft, IBM, Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, BistoxDApp and smart contract development, private blockchain development, ICO development, wallet development, exchange platform development558$50 - $99/hr
BitFurySberbank, Russian Railways, Synergy UniversityBitcoin mining, bitcoin mining hardware, blockchain software solutions 17,774$50 - $99/hr
Alpha PointCME Group, Bitazza, Bitvo, Banexcoin, Fundopolis, Scotiabank, London Block ExchangeDLT solutions developemnt, asset digitization, exchange solutions, crypto data solutions7,626$25 - $49/hr
BloqDiscover, Citigroup, Fidelity, Microsoft, Civic, Bitcoinwallet, SpaceChain, CryptoReit, Ethereum Classic LabsEnd-to-end blockchain solutions development for businesses6,944$25 - $49/hr
ConsenSysAmazon Web Services, Microsoft, World Wildlife Federation, Hitachi, Proctor & Gamble, PHPBilliton, European Commission, South African Reserve BankEducation, blockchain advisory, end-to-end blockchain solutions development93,365$50 - $99/hr
Prolitus TechnologiesCoinMD, Virtuse Exchange, Pusat Koin, InvenTrustExchange platform development, custom blockchain development, ICO development and marketing, cryptocurrency creation, wallet development243$25 - $49/hr
Pragmatic DLT incNEO, Cardano, Emurgo, Scaling VenturesBespoke distributed ledger technology solutions26$50 - $99/hr
Venture AviatorRentberry, Allianz, ShipHawkBlockchain apps, ICO development, cryptocurrency creation223$50 - $99/hr
LeewayHertzProctor&Gamble, 3M, Disney, Siemens, NASCAR, Johnson & Johnson, TraceRX, MyOSBlockchain solutions development1,050$100 - $149/hr
TechnoloaderMiner Edge, Livecrypto Exchange, IndraAirBlockchain apps, smart contracts, cryptocurrency creation, ICO development162$25 - $49/hr
ErrnaBelfrics, XBITAsia, LACoinExBlockchain apps, smart contracts, exchange platform development, ICO development0$50 - $99/hr
HoC SolutionsIronX, EBIC, Trustbar, Luxury LedgerExchange platform development, altcoin development, ICO development and marketing, blockchain event marketing, wallet development0< $25/hr
LabrysSecure Health Chain, CryptoCritters, NEM, Trezor, NansenBlockchain integrations, smart contract development, project management, consulting372$100 - $149/hr

Block Cypher

Block Cypher is a leading blockchain technology company that provides a range of services that ensure that their customers can successfully deploy blockchain solutions.


Blockstream is the main development company behind the Bitcoin network, employing many Bitcoin Core developers. The company also provides blockchain solutions for businesses and is the driving force behind off-chain payment channels for Bitcoin.


SoluLab is a blockchain, mobile, and web development company that provides 360-degree blockchain development services for enterprises and startups.


Bitfury is a full-service blockchain company that develops software and hardware solutions for startups, enterprises, and public sector institutions.

Alpha Point

Alpha Point is a financial technology company that provides enterprise-grade blockchain solutions to digitize assets, launch crypto markets, and reduce operational costs.


Bloq develops end-to-end enterprise-grade blockchain solutions for businesses that want to deploy blockchain technology.


ConsenSys is a leading blockchain company that provides education, advisory, and blockchain development services focused on the Ethereum blockchain network.


Prolitus is a technology company that offers scalable and efficient blockchain development solutions for a range of clients.

Pragmatic DLT

Pragmatic DLT is a blockchain technology company that specializes in proof of concept projects to get new blockchain solutions off the ground as quickly as possible.

Venture Aviator

Venture Aviator is a software company that offers web, mobile, and blockchain development services, including ICO launches and cryptocurrency creation.


LeewayHertz develops end-to-end enterprise-grade blockchain solutions for enterprises, small businesses, and startups.


Technoloader provides a wide array of blockchain development services for both startups and established businesses, including ICO development and blockchain application development.


Errna is a blockchain consulting and development company that provides a range of services, including ICO launches, smart contract solutions, and exchange platform development.

Home of Crypto Solutions

Home of Crypto Solutions provides an array of blockchain development solutions, including ICO launches, cryptocurrency creation, and exchange platform development.


Labrys is a leading Australian blockchain development and consulting agency that helps clients plan, architect, and build innovative blockchain products.

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