Using AI to Plan a Social Marketing Campaign (with Prompts)

ai social marketing campaign

Planning a social media campaign takes time, energy, and money. Our AI-powered Social Media Assistant will help you create great social posts, instantly and free. Plus, you’ll get additional AI prompts and best practices on using AI in your social media campaign below.

How to Use Our AI Social Media Assistant

Just give it a few details about what you want to promote, and your preferred social media service, and it will create great social posts, instantly and free.

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AI Prompts for Optimizing Your Social Media Campaigns

Once you’ve created your social media posts or tweets, here’s a collection of prompts you can feed into ChatGPT (or your favorite AI tool) to improve them.

  • To improve tone and style: Rephrase this post to convey a more [professional/upbeat/casual/persuasive] tone and style.
  • To enhance engagement: Suggest ways to make this post more interactive to encourage user comments.
  • To optimize hashtags: Provide relevant hashtags to expand the reach of this post within my industry niche.
  • To craft a compelling hook: Create an attention-grabbing opening sentence to entice users to read the entire post.
  • To highlight unique selling points: Incorporate the critical differentiators of my business into this post organically.
  • To generate trend-responsive content: Devise a post that ties into the latest industry trend while showcasing my product’s relevance.
  • To tailor posts to a specific platform: Adapt this content to suit the visual nature of <platform name> while maintaining its core message. 
  • To refine your call-to-action: Revise the CTA in this post to make it more action-oriented and persuasive.
  • To address pain points: Integrate a relatable customer pain point and its solution into this post.
  • To include a storytelling element: Introduce a short anecdote that humanizes your brand and resonates with your target audience.

Examples of Effective Social Media Campaign Plans

McNelley Media Social Media Campaign Plan

McNelley Media Social Media campaign planImage Source: Handboek Social

The McNelley Media social media campaign plan is a comprehensive and strategic approach, targeting multiple platforms and goals.

Here’s why it’s likely to be effective:

  • Multi-Faceted and Goal-Oriented: The plan tackles various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn, addressing goals like brand awareness, engagement, community building, and lead generation.
  • Building Relationships is Key: The plan emphasizes engaging with local businesses for word-of-mouth marketing via Facebook, responding to online reviews for proactive reputation management, and creating a welcoming online presence through consistent branding and clear communication.
  • Platform Savvy: The plan smartly uses existing resources by repurposing content across platforms, choosing relevant platforms based on the target audience and goals, and setting achievable objectives with realistic timelines.

The Atlantic Technological University (ATU) Social Media Plan

social media strategy by Atlantic Technological UniversityImage Source: ATU

This social media plan outlines a comprehensive and strategic approach that positions it for success. Here are some key strengths:

  • Multi-Platform Presence: This strategy manages channels across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, and YouTube while catering to diverse audiences and goals on each platform.
  • Clear Brand Identity: This strategy maintains a consistent brand voice and tone across channels. This includes using graphics templates and hashtags for a unified brand.
  • Content Strategy: This strategy wisely focuses on student experience, recruitment, research, and industry engagement. It also includes a content calendar aligned with key dates and events and considers fair representation of all campuses in content.

A Social Media Plan Template for Busy Marketers

Wanderlust Voyages Social Media Plan

wanderlust voyages social media plan part 2

Best Practices for Social Media Campaigns

  • Define Clear Objectives and Goals: Instead of simply “being on social media,” set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound) for each platform. What do you want to achieve? Brand awareness? Increased website traffic? Lead generation?
    See here for tips on how to set effective social media marketing goals.
  • Focus on Relevant Platforms: Choose platforms aligned with your audience’s preferences (especially those that complement your product or service) and tailor content accordingly. Understand your audience’s social media habits, and choose platforms that align with your product or service.
    Read here for more tips on choosing the right social media platform for your business.
  • Be Consistent with Your Branding: Maintain a cohesive brand identity on and across platforms. This includes coherence in visuals, tone, and messaging. Create a document outlining your brand guidelines for social media, including visual elements, tone of voice, and messaging dos and don’ts.
  • Post Your Most Engaging Content: Don’t treat social content as an afterthought. Create content that educates, entertains, or adds value to your audience’s feed. Define key themes your content will revolve around, aligned with your brand and audience interests.
  • Use Data-Driven Insights: Analyze metrics to adjust strategies and optimize performance continually. Utilize social media analytics platforms like Hootsuite Analytics or Sprout Social Insights for in-depth data analysis.
  • Adapt and Experiment: Stay open to new trends, try varied content formats, and evolve with audience preferences. Experiment with different types of content, posting times, and visuals to see what resonates best with your audience.
    Here is a definitive guide to A/B testing in social media marketing.

marketer working on a social media campaign

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10 Protips for Planning Social Media Campaigns

  1. Utilize micro-moments. Craft content for quick, mobile interactions; cater to on-the-go user needs.
  2. Master A/B Testing. Experiment with variables, run tests, and refine based on statistically significant results.
  3. Optimize ad scheduling. Post when your audience is active. Leverage analytics for optimal timing.
  4. Remember that long-form content matters, too. Share in-depth insights, establish authority, and engage committed audiences.
  5. Amplify User-Generated Content. Showcase user-generated content. It fosters community engagement and trust.
  6. Localize your influencer marketing. Partner with local influencers to better tap into hyper-targeted audience segments.
  7. Use data ethically. Prioritize user privacy and ensure compliance with regulations in data handling.
  8. Use AI for enhanced sentiment analysis. Use AI to analyze sentiments, then adapt campaigns to emotional shifts accordingly.
  9. Prepare for crises. Develop a crisis response plan to address negative feedback or unexpected events swiftly and professionally.
  10. Utilize relevant hashtags. Research trending and niche hashtags to expand your content’s reach and discoverability.

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