What is content distribution? Content distribution is how brands get their content to larger, more targeted audiences through methods like press releases, influencer outreach, and social media advertising. If you want your content to get maximum exposure, you’ll need to find a distribution system that works. Whether it’s a traditional option or something more modern, you’ll need to discover it before your competition beats you to the punch.

Below are the top 15 content distribution companies broken into six categories. You’ll learn why they’re effective and which companies offer the best benefits for brands.

Blog Distribution Companies

NameDomain AuthorityRanking KeywordsLinkedIn FollowersTwitter Followers# Linking DomainsOnline Customer ReviewsScore
Media Shower61253,462355441,5695,80455.0

Press Release Companies

NameDomain AuthorityRanking KeywordsLinkedIn FollowersTwitter Followers# Linking DomainsOnline Customer ReviewsScore
PR Web911,0494,90667,300368,00044.0

Brand Partnership Companies

NameDomain AuthorityRanking KeywordsLinkedIn FollowersTwitter Followers# Linking DomainsOnline Customer ReviewsScore

Social Media Ad Companies

NameDomain AuthorityRanking KeywordsLinkedIn FollowersTwitter Followers# Linking DomainsOnline Customer ReviewsScore
Meta (Facebook)10018,656,62313,890,77234,700,00055.0

Influencer Matching Companies

NameDomain AuthorityRanking KeywordsLinkedIn FollowersTwitter Followers# Linking DomainsOnline Customer ReviewsScore
Ready Pulse46971,9301,0931,2975054.54.5

Content Syndication Companies

NameDomain AuthorityRanking KeywordsLinkedInFollowersTwitter Followers# Linking DomainsOnline Customer ReviewsScore

Press Releases

It’s just about the oldest content distribution method in existence. You can probably see those three capitalized words that start every document of this sort: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE.

A press release turns a marketable situation or circumstance into a newsworthy event. However, if the topic isn’t actually newsworthy, publications won’t take notice.

For instance, let’s say you’re launching a new product. You might write a press release about how it will revolutionize some aspect of your industry. This makes it newsworthy. However, if the press release doesn’t sound enticing or motivating, you won’t receive much distribution.

A great strategy starts with a great company. If you don’t work with a solid distribution agency, your press releases won’t get much attention.

Top Press Release Companies

1. PR Newswire

Now owned by Cision, PR Newswire’s history dates back more than 60 years. The company developed the original public relations strategies that PR professionals still use today. However, it has evolved with the changing needs of the market, adapting slam-dunk digital strategies that reach more than 3,000 newsrooms, more than 200 industry-specific social media handles, and 170 countries.

2. BusinessWire

BusinessWire isn’t as popular or as large as Newswire or PRWeb, but it offers significant advantages in terms of technology. It separates its services into four categories: PR, investor relations, distribution and analytics, and website services. Its proprietary technology puts it in our list of top three choices for press releases and related distribution.

3. PRWeb

PRWeb has also been acquired by Cision, but has retained its own separate operations with over 30,000 media contacts to distribute your news. It works with a wide network of social media channels, news outlets, websites, and other publications. It’s less expensive than Newswire, which makes it ideal for startups if a bit more limited in packages and options.

Each of these companies not only distributes press releases and other content to online publications. They also help you measure each press release’s effectiveness. They also offer multimedia content creation and distribution services, which helps them rise above the competition.

Brand Partnerships

brand partnerships

Combine your audience with that of another brand to amplify both your messages.

When you ally yourself with another brand, you can amplify one another’s online signal. Maybe you offer a carpet cleaning service; you could join forces with a flooring distributor and cross-market your products and services.

If you think it can’t work, look in the rearview mirror for a minute. Brands like Apple and Hermes; Ford and Hearst; Burberry and LINE; and Ikea and Dreamworks have all struck gold with brand partnerships.

How do you find a brand with which to partner? Several companies help unite companies that want to work together.

Top Brand Partnership Companies

1. Powerlinx

We’re particularly impressed with Powerlinx because it partners each brand with a business consultant. He or she helps you create a game plan and execute it precisely. The company’s proprietary algorithm helps match brands with one another so they can develop strategic partnerships.

2. FutureBrand

While FutureBrand lacks the refinement that Powerlinx exudes from every page of its website, it deserves the number two spot because of its market share. The company has worked with many major brands, from Cadillac to American Airlines. However, it’s also a more expensive choice.

To make brand partnerships work, you must have shared interests. Sometimes you have to dig deep to find them, but you’ll confuse your audience if you start cross-promoting with a brand that has nothing to do with your industry. You also don’t want to alienate your existing customers by partnering with a brand they won’t like. If you run a green furniture manufacturing company, for example, you probably don’t want to partner with an oil or gas firm.

Social Media Advertising

social media advertising

Don’t miss out on social media’s tremendous footprint.

As of March 2022, Facebook has 2.93 billion active users. If you don’t recognize the potential benefits of social media advertising, you may want to look closer.

Because social media connects consumers with brands on multiple platforms, there are endless ways to leverage it for your company. Whether you’re trying to increase your brand awareness or attempting to increase your overall sales, you can use social media advertising to jumpstart the process.

There’s just one question: Which company do you use?

Top Social Media Advertising Options

1. Meta (Facebook)

Facebook has stood the test of time and remains the largest and most used social network in the world, although its parent company is now known as Meta. It offers several ways to promote your content. Not only will your existing audience see your latest blog post; it will also be broadcast to people who might never have heard of your company. You can choose to boost single posts, dedicated ads, or photos to gain eyes.

2. Twitter

Although Twitter’s user numbers can’t match Facebook’s, it targets a different type of audience. Twitter users enjoy fast-paced conversations and follow multiple streams at once. It offers excellent targeting and retargeting options so you can design whatever campaign you like.

3. Instagram

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Instagram focuses solely on imagery, but offers similar programs. So long as you can reliably generate magnetic content and find evocative images or videos, you can reach customers.

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers targeted outreach if your company is in the B2B sphere or if you are looking to grow your brand’s influence and thought leadership. LinkedIn ads reach exactly the leads you need to convert and give your business a chance to stand out from the competition.

Influencer Outreach

influencer outreach

Imagine whispering the name of your brand in your target customer’s ear… That’s influencer marketing.

An influencer is someone whose social reach allows them to influence their followers’ purchasing decisions. Several years ago, bloggers served as the main influencers. Now, these online celebrities work from social media platforms as well. YouTube sensations and Instagram experts can vastly increase your online footprint through content distribution.

Some brands try to find influencers on their own, but you might have more luck with a company that specializes in partnering brands with influencers.

Top Influencer Matching Companies

1. TapInfluence

This company claims to boost its clients’ ROI by as much as 11 times. It’s created an influencer marketplace that helps brands find the perfect partner. Subscription plans start at $10,000 per month.

2. Ready Pulse

This is a similar service that has worked with major brands like HP, Lugz, and Olympic. The company doesn’t advertise its prices, but you can get a custom quote. It shows up in content marketing headlines frequently, so it’s an excellent second choice if you don’t connect with TapInfluence.

If you’d rather try influencer marketing on your own, you’ll need to use more elbow grease. Start by monitoring social media activity that concerns your industry. Find out who has the loudest voice and the longest reach. You can then reach out to a few potential influencers to suggest potential partnerships.


You’re probably familiar with this word from your favorite television shows. You can still catch episodes of “Bewitched” and “Friends” because they remain in syndication. It simply means another media entity has been given the rights to display the content for public consumption.

There’s something to be said for an organic campaign. With the right SEO strategies and the proper use of social media and your own website, you can drastically improve your traffic and conversion rates. You don’t need a third-party service for those processes, but you will need lots of time and energy.

Focus on ranking for long-tail keywords and for your competitor’s name. Produce high-quality content that generates backlinks and sparks online discussions. You can promote your content manually on social media and other channels to give it even more opportunities to spread.

While you can syndicate your own content across multiple channels, you’ll have to develop the contacts and perform the legwork. You might want to partner with a syndication company to speed up the process and gain access to the business’ insight and experience.

Top Content Syndication Companies

1. Outbrain

This well-known agency has a media distribution platform that revolves around syndication. It’s developed an impeccable reputation for its ability to help brands reach new audiences. It’s also worked with high-profile companies.

2. Taboola

This firm offers custom content syndication campaigns for businesses and media companies. You might give your content a fresh wind if you use syndication to boost its signal. While Taboola used to be more affordable than Outbrain, it has gained momentum and market share. This has boosted its prices even higher than Outbrain’s, with traffic to match.

Blogger Distribution

blogger distribution

Blogging isn’t just about churning out articles; it’s a content distribution process.

You need two main things for content distribution to work: great content and a great distribution channel.

No matter how much money you inject into an advertising campaign or an influencer partnership, poor content will never perform. If you don’t have a distribution channel in place, even spectacular content may never find an audience.

If those sobering realities have left you in despair, there’s hope on the horizon. Instead of buying articles from individual freelancers or content mills, consider working with a media agency that can help you design and execute a content marketing strategy.

The best companies in this field help with idea generation, assign articles to capable writers, and professionally edit each piece. They also often help with publication and distribution.

You don’t want to work with just any agency, though. That’s why we’ve prepared a few recommendations.

Top Blogger Distribution Companies

1. Media Shower

For years, Media Shower has created personalized content strategies for its clients. You get a full editorial team and professionals who specialize in content distribution and optimization. You also get reporting on your content’s performance.

2. CopyPress

You might also like CopyPress if you’re looking for a full-scale blogger distribution opportunity. The company hand-picks its writers and editors, and each client is assigned a manager to oversee their campaign.

Content distribution isn’t the easiest game to master, but it’s essential if you want to compete in today’s digital marketplace. Even if you’re a small business now, you can easily grow in leaps and bounds if you master the art of content creation and distribution.

Ready to create some killer content? Let Media Shower build three free content ideas for you. We’re passionate about helping brands grow through amazing content and distribution.