Our client, a national home improvement company, was looking for traffic and SEO rankings to their website specializing in gutter guards.

We created an entertaining article around a fake gutter company called "Celebrity Gutters," actually going to the homes of Hollywood stars and attempting to clean their gutters. We were turned down in hilarious fashion by stars like Nicole Richie and Lawrence Fishburne -- but we were successful in entering the mansion of Charlize Theron, which was undergoing reconstruction, and installing gutter guards. We filmed the stunt, accompanied by a hilarious writeup, which we posted on our humor site ZUG.com, sponsored exclusively by our client.

The article was our most-read piece of the year, resulting in over 1,500 backlinks from Hollywood blogs, entertainment columns, and home improvement sites. Our client not only saw 40,000 pageviews from the article, but cracked the Google Top 10 on three of their most important keywords as well -- proof that sometimes it pays to keep your mind in the gutter.

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