Writer’s block is a universal problem, whether you’re a freelance writer or a famous author. Planning a month-long post schedule or editorial calendar can seem impossible when you’re struggling just to find new article ideas. This feeling can be even worse when you’re up against a deadline. The next time you find yourself in this position, try turning to the following reliable resources for blog inspiration.

New ideas are all around, you just have to look.

Infographic Inspiration

Sites like Visual.ly offer a wealth of Infographics on virtually any topic. Good Infographics and good blog articles have three things in common:

1. They present a concise idea related to a single topic
2. They support the idea with data and statistics
3. They provide sources for these statistics

By browsing infographics related to an assigned topic you can find compelling article ideas, along with the statistics needed to support them. Using these as a launch pad, expand on the idea with your own thoughts. By visiting the source section of the article, you can find additional resources and statistics to inspire further insights. It’s a fast, fun way to inspire new content.

There’s Substance in Statistics & Reports

Sometimes, the basis for a good article can be found in a dataset that lends support to an idea. Published statistics and reports are a fantastic resource for generating substantive, provable insights to serve as article content. For example, pointing out that 76% of b2b marketers plan on creating more content in 2016, may help readers of this article better appreciate having these additional sources of article inspiration to rely on.

Googling a search formula such as “[Topic] Statistics [Current Year]” is an effective way of finding these helpful datasets. If your assigned topic was healthcare, for instance, you could search “Healthcare statistics 2016” and review the most relevant reports that pop up. Easy to read summaries of long or complex reports can be a very useful and engaging content for readers who don’t have the time to mine the complete data for insights.

Inspiration is the cure for writer’s block.

Tackle Trending Topics

Sometimes your assigned topic will intersect with current events. Finding this topical sweet spot is another way to tackle writer’s block. Try searching for your topic under Google’s “News” tab instead of doing a full web search. Alternatively, take a look at trending items on Twitter or Facebook and think about how you might be able to tie in your assigned topic.

If you can find a connection between your topic and a hot news item, your post traffic may benefit from the existing buzz. Keep in mind however, that while tying into trending content may provide you with an additional boost in traffic initially, its residual value for your readers may be limited.

Content strategy isn’t easy. Crafting substantive, helpful articles that perform well online is a challenge that writers must embrace. But whether you are planning a bunch of posts or just looking for that next article idea, you can rely on these three resources for inspiration that is sure to put your writing on the right track.


Media Shower writer Lucas Sellyn is a professional writer and UX designer with more than 5 years of agency experience. He specializes in technology, marketing, and business.

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