As web writers, we need to constantly adapt our writing styles to suit the changing preferences and needs of readers. However, it is equally important that we develop and faithfully follow our own guidelines and principles, so that we can stand out from the ever-increasing sea of authors. Different types of content require different styles of writing, but an effective and strong writing philosophy can help us develop a unique voice for attracting and retaining loyal followers, whether we are writing articles, blog posts or other kinds of content. Here is a look at my writing philosophy, which has served me well throughout my career as a freelance web writer.

Successful web writing begins with a well-grounded philosophy.

What Type of Content Works Best on the Internet?

According to a study conducted by GE Capital Retail Bank in 2013, about 81 percent of consumers research online before they make major purchases. With such a large number of Internet users looking for product information, web writers have to make sure that the content they write is as informative and helpful to their readers as possible. Informative and useful content is the type of content that is most sought after on the Internet, because it suits the needs of today’s time-crunched consumers. It can help them make the best purchasing decisions in the shortest time possible. Writers should make a point to keep their writing simple and concise, so that they can appeal to a larger audience.

How Do You Write Content for Different Mediums?

Online content comes in many different forms, ranging from blog posts to press releases, and each medium requires a certain style of writing. It is important for web writers to know exactly what readers expect when they read a certain type of content. For instance, people who read blogs expect a more conversational and opinionated style of writing, whereas those who read articles and press releases are mostly looking for information and facts. In order to write effectively for different mediums, writers have to develop a good understanding of the mediums as well as the types of audience they will be addressing. Flexibility is the key to successful multimedia writing.

My Web Writing Philosophy

Every writer has his or her own philosophy.

While writers may have to change their writing styles to suit different mediums, it does not mean that they have to compromise their writing philosophies. A writing philosophy refers to the core beliefs and attitude of a writer, and it can help him or her develop measures to ensure that his or her works will always meet a certain standard of quality. Here is a list of values that make up my personal writing philosophy.


Perhaps, some writers may not truly understand what their works can potentially mean to their readers. Other than helping readers make better purchasing decisions, written content can also go a long way in helping them perform certain tasks more effectively, solve personal problems and enhance their quality of life. Writers who wish to be successful have to try to provide maximum value for their readers, and this can be done by standing in their readers’ shoes. Empathetic writers will be able to understand their readers’ needs better and provide the right information to help them make better decisions and improve their lives.


There are people who believe that most information published online is true, and they may have to depend on such information to make important decisions. Unfortunately, misinformation is more prevalent on the Internet than people think, and it is the responsibility of writers to ensure that the information they provide is true, even if it means rechecking the information on several different websites.


Even if they are able to provide accurate and useful information, writers may still fail to provide value for their readers if they do not know how to present such information properly. As such, it is essential for writers to improve their writing skills constantly and ensure that the content they produce is engaging, easy to understand, well-structured and free of errors.

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