Gary Holt of Holt Marketing & Management works to help customers know what makes them the best.

By identifying this element, Holt Marketing and Management Services provides businesses and individuals with the ability to maximize their potential.

In what ways does Holt help individuals and businesses become better?

We know that people work hard to make their businesses run well, but there is always room for improvement through innovation. This is how we help our customers achieve sustainable growth by incorporating the following:

We start with researching their baselines to establish where they are, what their challenges are, and what they want to improve. Then we identify those systems that need to be improved or innovated in order to achieve a better result. In the simplest terms, we start by asking what they aren’t happy with, which gives us the most effective starting point in helping the business become better.

While many marketing and sales companies focus on getting more sales as their key objective, we know that finding answers to the business owners’ most common problems is the most important factor in improving performance. Imagine trying to convince a business owner who is already struggling to keep up with productivity that they need more sales to increase their profits; they are likely to laugh in your face!

That is why we ask them what their greatest challenges are and what goals they have, and then examine each of the following questions to identify problems they may not have initially thought about but could use improvement on:

  • Is your main focus on increasing profits?
  • Are you concerned about supply and demand in the existing markets?
  • Do you feel you need to improve your sales?
  • Are you concerned about cost control?
  • Do you have a problem with customer retention?
  • Are you having trouble finding and keeping good employees?
  • Is your pricing where you need it to be?
  • Has your company achieved the level of brand recognition you desire?
  • Do you have an exit strategy? Do you want to continue to own the business or sell?

By asking these questions, we can delve deeper into the specific issue and what is causing it. For example: if their problem is a lack of sales, we would find out whether it is an issue of lead generation or lead conversion. Once we determine the issue, we would look into the factors that led to it; such as content, sales staff, etc. We then incorporate a step-by-step formula that includes specific questions, process maps, and interviews into a document that can be executed to achieve measurable results (including training).

By focusing on systems that measure input and target specific goals and increasing the frequency of measurement in order to maintain accountability, any business can sustain growth.

The Holt blog features an article on lead generation and how it can be used to achieve the number one spot in market share for every industry. Please describe how Holt can help clients achieve this goal.

We start by clarifying the market segment. We research what those market segments are looking for as well as what our clients’ are currently doing to establish their differentiation as a brand by investigating their content, lead generation channels, and messages or offers in order to identify what combinations are achieving the highest number of qualified leads. We then analyze the data and pull from cross industries (using ideas from other industries) to create a more compelling combination that engages people at a deeper level in order to reduce the gaps between their current strategy and what the market actually wants.

In what ways does social media marketing help clients market themselves?

The ability to post news, product and service information, as well as important facts about the company and what it stands for – in real time with global visibility – in order to form a connection with both current and potential clients or customers through issues that they care about is priceless; not only through the expanded reach that social media has, but because you reach the right type of people – which is the first step in creating customers for life.

Please talk about the power of a blog and the ways in which a quality blog can help market a brand.

Research has shown that it takes 7-12 frequent touches to obtain a quality lead, which is more important now than ever before due the sense of instant gratification our technological advances has created. Blogging helps a company to market itself more efficiently and effectively in this new environment by creating a forum which enables them to increase the frequency of the touch points and customize the message based on the buyers’ needs. It also helps to keep the company “in front” of potential customers/clients throughout the buying process.

Learning to be better at managing yourself and your team, operating your business, etc. can seem like a difficult process. How does Holt help to streamline this process?

In teaching people to be better at managing themselves, we start by helping them to consciously think about what they are doing and what is, or isn’t, working in that mix. We then help them to stop doing the things that aren’t working, which is usually just a bad habit. Bad habits are not usually formed because a person is lazy or unintelligent, but rather as a result of misinformation that they have received at one point or another that leads them to believe that what they are doing is the best way to do it.

To rectify these bad habits, we train the individual on how to perform more productive activities. People have a belief system. Their belief system can cause them failure. Because we challenge beliefs with different beliefs that are proven to work, we help them get excited and motivated again, which accelerates success.

In what ways is Holt the best at what it does?

We are not aware of anyone doing what we do. We understand that all businesses are integrated, and in order to improve you have to understand all of the components. That is why we don’t keep a single focus but rather learn about our clients from the inside to improve their methods based on their expertise.

How does Holt market itself?

Repeat business and referrals are our greatest source of business. Our biggest clients have been on retainer for over 15 years, which we feel validates the quality of the work we do. We also continue with a variety of marketing methods including online marketing, direct mail, seminars and cold-calling.

How will Holt continue to grow in the next five years?

At Holt Marketing and Management, we practice what we preach. Growth is a series of projects or systems creation, including diversification and geographical expansion, in order to obtain a new customer. We are constantly improving our methods based on data analysis and the latest trends, and will continue to do so in the next five years.

Describe the importance of great content in a marketing plan.

Interesting and valuable content can serve as a magnet when done properly; t engages people on a deeper level because it illustrates the unique quality of their brand. By using a combination of science and creativity to deliver information based on what the individual knows to be true in a way that is compelling, you can help them form an immediate attraction that helps them justify emotion.

This also gives you the ability to sometimes take a small idea and expand upon it to show differentiation. For example, by relaying information that is taken for granted as common knowledge and educating those who are unaware, you can establish yourself as an authority. We also show our clients how to do the same thing in their own businesses.

Please feel free to add anything else you would like readers to know about your services.

We really get to know our clients and what their primary aim as a person is so that we can structure an organization that will end up making the owner a happy and joyful individual. If you would like to learn more about us, you can check out our website at or call us at 989-791-2475.

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