If I told you that Jean Claude Van Damme and Enya were the stars of the hottest viral video in the world right now, you’d probably tell me to take my acid-washed jeans and go the heck home. But no, there’s no flux capacitor involved here; just an amazing ad for Volvo and Volvo Dynamic Steering.

A week after it was posted to YouTube, ‘Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split feat. Van Damme (Live Test 6)’ is closing in on 43 million views. 267,000 of those people gave it the thumbs up. It was even shared more than 500,000 times in one day. Why? Because it’s entertaining. If you can capture the attention of your audience with content, they usually won’t mind a marketing message as their price to pay.

Just some food for thought. Enjoy your weekend, we gotta split. (sorry)