So you’ve managed to hit the coveted 1,000 friends mark on Facebook, and your Twitter account is humming along nicely. Um, are you forgetting something? Yes you are. It’s called Google+.


Yes, they are still “making that thing,” and while it’s nowhere near as popular as the aforementioned social media giants, Google+ is actually more important in some very business-centric ways. First and foremost, if ranking high in a Google search means anything to you (and we have a hunch it does), you’re gonna wanna play nice with Google+. It’s tightly synced with the rest of Google’s products, like the Google+ Business Page, and let’s face it; Google kinda runs the game right now. We need to play by their rules.

Here are 7 ways to get your company’s Google+ followers within striking distance of your Facebook friends list:

1. Be Worthy of Following

How do you do that? The same way we here at Media Shower earn our dineros; by creating awesome content. Like, stop-what-you’re-doing-and-look-at-this content. Whether it’s your own articles or videos, or sharing someone else’s cool stuff, people will notice that you’re a purveyor of premium posts.

2. Follow Back

If you run a business page, you’ll have to wait until someone follows you to follow them back, but make sure you do. Not only will the person appreciate it, but that connection will also put you on other peoples’ radar screens, and hopefully inside their circles soon.

3. Don’t Half-Step It

Ya gotta go all in on your profile if you expect people to follow you. That means a fully filled-out bio with pictures, links to your website, social media accounts, and anything else that will scream “WE’RE REAL AND WE PAY ATTENTION TO THIS PAGE!”

the scream

Maybe your screams will inspire a painting.

4. Encourage Sharing and Comments

“If you really cared about me, Carl, you’d share my G+ post today.” OK, that may be laying it on a bit too thick, but as a business, you should encourage people to share your good stuff, while certainly avoiding a nagging tone with it. Also, ask questions in your posts and encourage feedback.

5. Share and Comment Elsewhere

Just as with the art of following, the same rules apply to sharing and commenting. You can’t expect to get sacks and sacks of social media love if you never give any yourself. Be liberal with your praise for the posts of others and share them too. It’ll get you noticed.

6. The Widget is Your Friend

Wanna boost that G+ presence? Stick the Google+ button/badge/widget on your site so people know you’re down with the G thang (sorry about that). Letting a pro do this for you might be best, but feel to investigate it on your own here.

7. No Neglect is Good Neglect

Last but certainly not least is the issue of neglect. You can’t check on your Google+ page once a month and expect to get anything out of it. Work it into your daily routine and you’ll soon be rounding out your social media repertoire nicely.

With Google’s undeniable influence on all things business, it simply makes great sense to build your base of followers on Google+. Follow us and let’s commence the mutual back-scratching immediately!