Would you spray paint a Ferrari? You just might, if you were a creative content marketer.

A new Ferrari, the California T, is causing quite a stir. It’s the most recent addition to the luxury car line’s California lineage that was launched in the 1950s. As a company, Ferrari wants the California T to come across as a sports car that offers pique performance, design, versatility and freedom.

Content Marketing for the Big Boys

You might wonder why a company like Ferrari has to worry about content marketing. After all, isn’t their name and brand already ingrained into the minds of all who can afford them, not to mention millions who can’t?

Maybe. But no good brand takes that kind of market security for granted. It’s an ever-changing world. Trends come and go. And markets age out. Even companies like Ferrari must forever keep up their game, or risk a tortoise and hair scenario, where they are left scratching their heads, wondering where and when they suddenly went so wrong.

Corporate Changes

There has been a lot of fear among existing Ferrari owners since Luca Cordero di Montezemolo took over as the new CEO. di Montezemolo has a career history in accounting, of all things. And stakeholders were worried that he would look at the bottom line, put more Ferraris on the market, and dilute the value of their four-wheeled babies.

Selling More, Remaining Exclusive

Oh those of little faith. While di Montezemolo has indeed increased inventory by a few thousand, that number is still well within the exclusivity range, and the price alone makes the car inaccessible to all but a few.

But perhaps the most important lesson here is that exclusivity is not the only marketing message that works. Even as it makes the Ferrari product slightly less exclusive, it has ramped up its content marketing with some breathtaking content marketing.

The Art of Content Marketing

In the video, starring none other than the Ferrari California T, exploding car artist Fabian Oefner sprays a Ferrari with UV paint, in a wind tunnel, making for a spectacular performance.

The paint stunt is just one part of Ferrari’s campaign for the California T. The company has also launched a micro site, State of the Art, in which renowned innovators give their take on the artistic automotive masterpiece.