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10,000 Hours in 10 Minutes: Nwosu Mavtrevor Desmond on Boosting Blog Traffic

by Susan Jennings on 11/26/2014

As founder and editor of NetMediaBlog, Nwosu Mavtrevor Desmond spends quite a bit of time on how bloggers can boost their traffic and get the best results. He spoke with us on what bloggers need to know about getting their content out there.

What are some ways bloggers are losing money without knowing it?

Most bloggers often monetize their blogs with PPC ads, which means their blog visitors will have to click on the ads on their blog for them to earn an income. One way such bloggers are losing money is by not monetizing their impressions with CPM ads. With CPM ads, your visitors do not need to click on the ads for you to earn money. So combining CPM and PPC ads will help such a blogger earn from both impressions and ad clicks.

Another way bloggers are losing money from their blogs even without knowing it is by not monetizing their top-ranking posts. When you have a high-ranking post with huge traffic, it will be wise to monetize such a post with affiliate products related to it in review boxes. (more…)

10,000 Hours in 10 Minutes: Elan Sherbill on Launching Your eCommerce Site

by Susan Jennings on 11/24/2014

If you think launching an eCommerce site is as easy as throwing your products online and setting up a merchant account at your local bank, then you’re simplifying the process too much, says Elan Sherbill, blogger for eCommerce provider cleverbridge.

But don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone in underestimating the scope of the project.

“It’s all right for companies, even those in the tech and software industries, not to understand the complexity involved in using eCommerce to grow sales and revenue and cut costs,” Elan says. “It means they are focused on building a great product.”

eCommerce is a leviathan of a topic, and there are plenty of opinions on how to succeed and fail at it. But, he adds, what every business will need to understand if they hope to succeed online is that their growth depends on optimizing their eCommerce performance and potentially re-evaluating their eCommerce solution.

“At that moment, it’s important for these growing businesses to turn to eCommerce experts for technological and consultative assistance.”

Elan was kind enough to spend a few minutes with us talking about everything from the most common mistakes business owners make when launching an eCommerce site to the biggest frustrations customers have about using these sites to the most exciting industry innovations.  (more…)

The Most Epic Flight Safety Video Ever Made

by Jennifer Leavitt on 11/21/2014

Has the Hobbit craze snagged you yet? If it hasn’t yet, it will, especially if you watch Air New Zealand’s latest pre-flight safety video demonstration. (more…)

10,000 Hours in 10 Minutes: Ayodeji Onibalusi on Inbound Marketing

by Susan Jennings on 11/19/2014

Ayodeji Onibalusi knows marketing. His work on Effective Inbound Marketing is focused squarely on building a great search reputation on great content. He was kind enough to speak with us about the basics of inbound marketing, and what to do with it.

Hi, Ayodeji ! So tell us, what is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a form of marketing that uses user-focused techniques to bring buyers to a business instead of pushing your brand to uninterested and unlikely buyers. Unlike outbound marketing, where bombarding readers, listeners and viewers with often irrelevant paid content is the norm, inbound marketing focuses on positioning your brand where your customers are searching for help.

Inbound marketing uses content that come in the form of blog posts, whitepapers, newsletters and podcasts to attract, nurture and convert leads into delighted buyers. It’s a lifecycle process. (more…)

10,000 Hours in 10 Minutes: Craig Badings on Becoming a Thought Leader

by Susan Jennings on 11/17/2014

In a digital world full or recycled ideas, one way to help your business stick out among all the other would-be lemmings is to establish yourself as a thought leader.

If you’re not the market leader for your product – and you have a limited amount of time to establish yourself in this role – then your brand will have a difficult time differentiating itself, says Craig Badings, co-founder of Leading Thought.

“There are many brands who aren’t thought leaders who do OK,” Craig says. “But there’s no doubt that those brands who are recognized thought leaders or who have thought leaders at their helm have clear differentiation in the market (e.g., Apple, Virgin, Berkshire Hathaway, PwC, Deloitte, McKinsey, IBM, Dove, etc.).”

Luckily for us, Craig recently answered a few questions we had about thought leadership and its use in sales and marketing strategies.  (more…)

UV Paint + Ferrari = Amazing

by Jennifer Leavitt on 11/14/2014

Would you spray paint a Ferrari? You just might, if you were a creative content marketer.

A new Ferrari, the California T, is causing quite a stir. It’s the most recent addition to the luxury car line’s California lineage that was launched in the 1950s. As a company, Ferrari wants the California T to come across as a sports car that offers pique performance, design, versatility and freedom. (more…)

10,000 Hours in 10 Minutes: Daisy Teh on Building a Loyal Following

by Susan Jennings on 11/12/2014

With 50,000 page views, 35,000 unique visitors and nearly 72,000 combined social media fans and followers, Daisy Teh knows a thing or two about creating web content people will actually read.

And she says the No. 1 rule to remember is to stop focusing so much on yourself and what you want to share and start focusing on your audience and what they want to read.

“High-quality content means providing the reader something of value that they can take away from after reading your post,” Daisy adds. “If there’s no substance to your content, it is difficult to engage and entertain.”

You can learn about your readers by reviewing your Google Analytics and monitoring social media stats. And you’ll appeal to them more by writing with a genuine voice rather than focusing too much on SEO, she says. Finally, keep an eye out on what conversations are trending and don’t be afraid to post brand-relevant, newsworthy content.

Daisy recently caught up with us to discuss how she has been able to grow the following for her lifestyles blog and offer advice on how fellow bloggers should be using everything from images to social media to net more readers. (more…)

Introducing Media Shower Metrics

by John Hargrave on 11/10/2014

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Media Shower Metrics, an industry-changing keyword and content reporting tool that is being offered free to our Content Engine Plus and Content Engine Pro subscribers. These reports show you the Return on Investment of your content marketing efforts.

Most marketers think, “I know content marketing is important, but show me the money.” With Media Shower Metrics, we will show you the money. Here’s how it works. (more…)

10,000 Hours in 10 Minutes: Tommy Landry on Social Media Marketing

by Susan Jennings on 11/07/2014

As president of Return on Now, Tommy Landry specializes in helping small businesses better understand and utilize social media. He spoke with us about how to engage with, best utilize and corral social media and its power.

Hey, Tommy! Let’s start with why are businesses so often overwhelmed by social media?

There are many reasons businesses are overwhelmed, and it mostly comes from the lack of understanding of what it is and why it matters to business. All too often, we have prospects and clients who ask how to do it, but who also have no idea why they are doing it in the first place. Without a clear vision, it is easy to waste time and see little or no progress.

Also, because social media is still a relatively new concept, most business owners have no experience using it professionally. It’s one thing to post cat pictures on Instagram or Facebook, but a whole different world trying to drive leads and interest via a Facebook page. (more…)

10,000 Hours in 10 Minutes: Jacco Valkenburg on Knowing Your Audience

by Susan Jennings on 11/05/2014

One of the most important things digital publishers can do to maintain and grow their audience is to know who their readers are, know what type of content they’re seeking and stick to that type of content.

While it might seem obvious, using that strategy for deciding on site content consistently will let your audience know you’re serious about catering to their area of interest, rather than trying to interest a broader readership.

“I make it very clear to my guest and regular bloggers who the prime target audience is and that topics should always be related to recruiting and employer branding,” says Jacco Valkenburg, founder of the Global Recruiting Roundtable. “Career coaches and job seekers will find a lot of interesting market information and tips, too, but I try, and prefer, to publish articles for this audience on other platforms and websites.”

Using this philosophy, Jacco has been able to turn both the Global Recruiting Roundtable and his Dutch blog,, into some of the leading resources on recruiting news and information in the world.

Jacco is an international recruitment expert, trainer and author of three bestselling books about recruiting and LinkedIn (over 25,000 copies sold). He has extensive experience in global recruitment strategies and execution spanning numerous countries for leading companies. Here, he offers insight on how he’s managed to place his brand at the forefront of the recruiting industry. (more…)