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The biggest struggle a writer faces is the constant demand to create new content. Whether that is creating a new blog post or pitching an article idea to The Huffington Post, we always need to create fresh content.

Content writing can be tough.

The grind in action.

But that can be a struggle. When it’s time to begin writing, there’s a mental block that happens and we cannot decide to what to write. Writer’s block.

The good news is that we can break writer’s block with a few simple steps.

1. Write on a Schedule

The mistake too many writers make is they think writers write only when it’s time to write. Great writers know that you don’t wait to write until inspiration hits. You write even when you don’t feel like it.

Much like exercising, you have to exercise your mental abilities. You don’t do this by only writing when you feel like it. You flex those mental muscles when you sit down and write regularly.

2. Create a Content Catalog

Another way to break through writer’s block is to create a catalog of interesting content. Capture articles you enjoyed reading in Evernote or another tool. Write down witty quotes. Memorize funny stories.

content writing

Note: Simply¬†slapping these words on a blog post won’t necessarily win you many fans.

Each piece of content you capture is writing gold for the future.

3. Change Your Scenery

Our environment can stifle or encourage our creative endeavors. That’s why it’s important for you to have varying places you can write.

Whether it’s a trip to your local Starbucks, the shores of Lake Michigan, or even your own backyard, change up your scenery. Get out of your home office. Go on a little adventure. Find a place that inspires you to write.

4. Take a Vacation

Yes, you need to write on a regular basis. You also need to give yourself a break.

I’ve found that writing five times a week for weeks on end can be excruciating. The amount of content that needs to be created is astonishing. Thousands and thousands of words, day in and day out.

Taking that much-needed vacation to get away from everything can be just the writer’s block-breaker you need.

5. Write Something Different

Doing the same thing over and over again gets boring. It locks you into a routine that can stifle your creativity.

By deciding to write in a different style, you’re able to challenge yourself to do more. You can decide to write poetry or a scientific-style article. Whatever your heart desires.

It’s okay to change it up. It will expand your horizons and break the block.

6. Ping Your Readers

Sometimes we think we know what our readers want, but we really don’t. We’re missing the mark.

Sending out a call for help could help you re-engage the mind and help the words to flow. Not only that, you’ll learn EXACTLY what your readers want. Is there anything better than that?

Getting through writer’s block isn’t easy. But you can do it. When you have a vault of content ideas, a great place to write, and when you challenge yourself, you’re well on your way to breaking through!

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