According to our customers, the old Media Shower Content Engine was awesome. But the new Media Shower Content Engine, which launches today, is more than that. It’s awesomely awesome.

We’re relocating our offices here.

The new Media Shower Content Engine is the easiest way in the world of powering your blog with great SEO content and links — which results in higher rankings, more traffic, and more sales. It really works. Here’s what’s new:

– Better workflow. Instead of ordering “Ideas” and then “Content,” you now simply order one thing: “Content.” We still come up with the ideas for you. You have three days to approve the ideas; otherwise we’ll assume you’re an incredibly busy executive, and write the content for you automatically.

– Lower price. Our new price for content is just $49 per article, less than the old price of $55 per article! How much less? How about 12% less?!

– Easier promotion. You can now order promotion directly from our “New Order” page. The price has increased to $99 per promotion, but an even better value is our new…

– Subscription plans! We are now offering three subscription plans, where we’ll manage everything for you. It’s a complete SEO solution at an unbelievable price.

Let Sam and Christy explain it to you.
Awesometastic? Awesomeable? Awesomementarianistic? Whatever adjective we use to describe the new Media Shower Content Engine won’t be enough, because it’s … well, you know.

Photo credits: Flickr/moonlightbulb