With a plethora of DIY blogs on the web, it can be tough to make your own site stand out. The Method Home blog somehow succeeds as both a fantastic lifestyle blog AND great content marketing. One quick visit to this appealing blog and you’ll be inspired to improve your lifestyle and your marketing scheme! Let’s take a look at what makes the Method blog so crisp and fresh.

Thorough hand-washing, thorough content marketing: both good for you.

It’s Aesthetically Pleasing

First thought upon visiting the Method Blog: wait, this is a blog for a soap company? It looks like it could be a Pinterest-famous lifestyle blog. The blog has a great balance of white space, eye-catching photos, and clean fonts. Nothing seems out of place, both in terms of spacing and branding. From the consistent lack of capitalization to the uncluttered photos, this minimalist look suits the cleaning company’s vibes. Method is well known for their pretty bottles with labels designed by artists, so it makes sense that their blog is visually stunning. But the crisp and clean look also fits in with the product the company is selling: cleaning supplies. Something about this minimalist blog just makes you want to go and declutter your house! And it doesn’t just look nice for the sake of looking nice: a well-designed website can actually affect people interact with the information on it!

It’s Well Organized

Aside from just looking great, the blog is also functionally sound. Each post is tagged, and there are multiple categories of content ranging from product news to cleaning tips to craft projects. It is easy for anyone to find what they are looking for, which goes back to the fact that this is a cleaning company. By having such a well-organized blog, they are reinforcing the idea that their products will help you clean up and organize your own life!

The Articles are Engaging and Useful

We’ve said it time and time again: content should useful. Recent articles include tips on how to remove various stains (cleverly hyperlinking to their own products when they mention ‘dish soap’ or ‘laundry detergent), how to create epic tie-dye (using Method laundry detergent to wash your finished designs of course!), or how to use an empty (Method) soap bottle to create mignonette foam for oysters. All of these articles offer legitimate DIY and lifestyle tips that are useful to any readers. The focus is not on how awesome Method products are, but rather how you can use Method products in your day-to-day life.

It’s Updated Frequently

A pretty blog with useful articles does no good if it’s not updated frequently. Posting regularly encourages people to keep up with your blog and look forward to new posts. Method also takes advantage of holidays and cultural events, offering special crafts around Christmas time or a guide to rejuvenating yourself in the New Year. By consistently offering new articles, Method keeps their blog up to date and in people minds.

Unlike many company blogs, Method doesn’t simply focus on updating customers about their products. They offer useful content to readers in a well-organized, visually appealing way. This content always subtly mentions Method products, which is why this is an awesome example of content marketing. Without incorporating those products or calls-to-action, this could just be a typical DIY blog. Instead, it serves as both a useful resource for readers and a smart marketing tool for Method.

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