Even the biggest companies always have time for a little content marketing… and sometimes even in the form of a spoof. Take Netflix, for example. They just announced a deal in which they’ll pay to directly connect to Comcast’s network to improve the streaming video quality of movies and TV shows to subscribers. You’d think they’d be a little busy now, right? We’re sure they are, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t ample opportunity to create a little comedy and zing a competitor in the process.

Looking for that Blu-ray rental of Gigli to get to your house even faster than the USPS can handle? ‘Drone to Home’ is for you!


As you may have guessed by now, the above ad is a parody of the recent announcement by Amazon that they were working on a drone delivery service for small packages. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos told 60 Minutes in December that the company’s ‘Prime Air’ plans are still in the development and regulation stages. Of course, many say they’ll never get past those stages at all, and that’s if the whole thing isn’t an attention-grabbing bit of fiction.

Either way, the material makes for an easy target, and Netflix took advantage of the opening. And we posted it. Looks like mission accomplished.