Last week, Media Shower writers provided readers with undeniable evidence the Denver Broncos would win Super Bowl 50.












Industry analysts were shocked. Bill Simmons told us we couldn’t have been serious. ESPN calls us up and asked us to stop spreading lies about football. The NFL called our predictions “the most inaccurate information ever said about the Super Bowl, aside from that whole concussion thing, because concussions definitely aren’t bad, don’t worry everyone, everything is fine, football is fun and safe.”

But America saw the light on Sunday. After BeyoncĂ©, Bruno Mars, and oh yeah, the headliners (whoever they were) tore down the house with their killer halftime performance, in between the compelling commercials about IBS and hot dogs, the Broncos took America by storm and proved all those professional sports writers wrong. Peyton Manning wasn’t too old, and kitties weren’t better than horsies. The Denver Broncos WON.

This Super Bowl determined two indisputable, irrefutable, unassailable facts:
1) Halftime shows should NEVER happen during the daytime.
2) Media Shower writers can predict the future.

Our fearless writers who predicted the Broncos win aren’t trained in sports. In fact, one of them thought Cam Newton was the guy Fig Newtons were named after. And yet, through the power of research and gumption, they were able to accurate predict the Broncos as the winner.

What other hidden skills do our psychic writers have? Media Shower can help predict future trends in your industry. After all, we started our company over 20 years ago, back when the Internet barely existed. We saw the potential in content marketing, just like we saw this inevitable Broncos win.

We know beef jerky is going to be next artisanal indie treat. We know who’s going to win the 2016 election (but we are sworn to secrecy.) We know who’s going to win Super Bowl 51, 52, and why there will be a brief three year period with no Super Bowls after Super Bowl 73 (again, we’re sworn to secrecy … but let’s just say it involves Lady Gaga again.) In short, we know what we’re doing.

She knows what she’s gonna do.













Media Shower writers are better than professional sports writers, naturally, because Media Shower writers are better than most professional content writers. That’s because Media Shower doesn’t just know our customers, we know the future your company can have as well.

We can even predict success for you brand! Just look at our past success stories.