What does a supersized drone have to do with content marketing? Plenty, when that drone proves capable of carrying a human being.

Content marketing often boils down to two basic criteria: 1) Is it newsworthy? and 2) Does it enhance a brand’s image?

As it turns out, a guy being carried by a drone satisfies both.

(Note: The video features some adult language that might not be safe for work) 

Going Viral on YouTube

As of this writing, more than 7.5 million people have watched the video of a custom-made drone carrying a man off a mountain — snowboard and all. The four-minute video is shot well and offers a startling glimpse into the future of technology. Since it’s visually stunning and professionally developed, it’s an absolute magnet for eager consumers.

Content marketers often talk about getting their content to “go viral,” but very few understand what that task really requires. You need an innovative approach to something that might already have been done, but that has a built-in audience. Other people have customized drones capable of carrying human weight, but this video adds the maker’s reputation along with the stunning landscaping and daredevil element to draw attention.

Casey Neistat, a popular former blogger and vlogger, has created numerous videos for YouTube. He hit it big with the human-carrying drone, but he’s honed his videography and marketing skills to ensure that this piece of footage found viewers.

According to The Verge, Neistat spent a year creating a fully-customizable drone, primarily from Samsung parts. This leads us to the second aspect of content marketing that Neistat nailed.

Securing Product Placement

You’ve seen product placement all your life, from specific vehicles driven in movies to soft drink cans strategically placed in a sitcom scene. It doesn’t just work in mainstream media, though. Neistat partnered with Samsung to build his creation, and Samsung products appear throughout the video.

In addition to the droid itself, Samsung’s Gear 360 camera makes itself visible in the footage. This product placement associates Neistat’s daring feat and technological accomplishment with the Samsung brand, which makes it highly valuable for content marketing.

Replicating Neistat’s Success


You don’t need your own drone to enjoy content marketing success.

Are you tired of sitting at the back of the heap when it comes to content marketing in your industry? You’re not alone. Thousands of companies struggle to win the attention of millions of consumers, so your chances of getting noticed dwindle unless you take your content marketing to the next level.

You need an innovative approach, solid content, and a way to position your brand as a viable solution for your audience. Maybe it’s a drone carrying a guy off a mountain, or maybe it’s an Instagram influencer sharing your latest article.

You’ll notice that, if you search “guy being carried by a drone” on Google, you’ll come up with 7.1 million results. Most importantly, Neistat’s adventure appears several times on the first page, which means that his original content spawned other content. When another publication writes about your company and links back to your website, you gain exponentially more exposure.

If you’re hoping to become a guy being carried by a drone in the New Year, we can help. Media Shower can take your marketing efforts to new heights — either figuratively or literally — in 2017, so contact us to get started.