The ultimate goal for any article title is to grab a reader’s (or searcher’s) attention and deliver mega traffic for your blockchain site. Here’s how to write an article title that will draw viewers to your content.

How to Write a Top-Notch Title

The first thing you want to do when writing a title is to align with what people are searching. A common question like “How many people use bitcoin?” could be turned into a title easily, and when that question is searched, that title will always be near the top in search results.

The trick to writing titles is to keep it simple. Puns or complicated plays on words won’t show up in Google results because they require too much thinking. No-brainers are more likely to be searched on Google than fancy or complicated topics. It’s okay to use formulas to create great titles, as long as you don’t become formulaic to the point that your titles look the same as everyone else’s.

Winning Title Formulas

“How-to articles” are always popular because people need that information. Even better, an article that promises “step-by-step” information about how to do something can attract a large audience over time. Including the year (“Altcoins to Watch for 2019”) shows that the content is recent and relevant. Using “best” or “top” can be effective if you can avoid plugging competitors; you don’t want to give them free press if you can help it.

Another effective title formula is “this” vs. “that.” “Vs.” shows up well in search engine rankings and signals comparison. Finally, articles that state that something is “rated and reviewed” tend to float to the top of search rankings.

Title-Writing Tools

Two tools can help with what words to use in titles are Google Trends and “Related searches” on the Google results page. Google Trends shows how often a particular term was searched, and the related searches show other popular search terms related to the original one you used. Both of these will give you a sense of what terms people are searching in Google. If you use these terms in your title, you are likely to rank near the top, provided the article content matches the title well.

Writing titles

Headlines that grab readers’ attention will lead to more traffic on your site.

Why You Need a Great Title

The title is the most important part of any article, and here’s why.

First, your title is what shows up in Google results and is indexed and ranked by Google. Very few people are going to see the article if it doesn’t rank highly on Google searches for that topic. Second, the title is used in social media sharing, which is another way to get an article in front of lots of people. The title is what people link to and what they use in an email when they are sharing your information with others.

Last, but definitely not least, an article title is how people will fundamentally understand what’s in the article. If the title doesn’t reflect the article’s content, people may look at your article as clickbait, misleading, and generally not a credible source of information. Word will quickly get around that the content isn’t of high quality, and your page views will sink like a stone.

The Bottom Line

A great title attracts attention and accurately reflects what the article is. A title makes the promise, but if the content doesn’t deliver on the promise, the writer or site will lose credibility. When the article offers a product or service, you will not close the deal without the best possible title.

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