To build a successful content marketing strategy for your blockchain project, following best practices for keyword research is essential. Keyword research is important for content creators because it helps them target their content toward those that are most likely to be looking for it, such as potential blockchain investors. Here are some keyword research best practices to take with you into 2019.

Keyword research best practices

Looking up the term “blockchain investing” shows that it is a rising topic and gives suggestions for related topics that may also yield result

1. Keyword research starts with the target audience.

It’s important that keyword research is closely aligned with the focus and needs of the target audience. Putting yourself in the audience’s shoes will yield better keywords and ensure that you follow a proper direction. A blockchain investor that is focused on the benefits of bitcoin wallets, for example, may want to see the differentiation between keywords like:

  • hardware wallets
  • software wallets
  • mobile wallets
  • bitcoin wallets

Keyword research best practices

Looking at this comparison, you might reasonably be able to assume that your preferred keyword should be “bitcoin wallets.”

2. Keyword research flows from your target areas of focus.

When you are marketing a particular asset or type of blockchain investment, your keyword research should reflect this need to be most effective. If you are marketing a new stablecoin, for instance, you should research keywords such as “stablecoin” or “asset-backed coin” to see if they are being searched often enough to target. When you find the right keywords, you will be able to use them to generate traffic.

Keyword research best practices

Looking at these results, you might reasonably assume that the keyword “stablecoin” is more likely to generate traffic than the keyword “asset-backed coin.

3. Keyword research should yield positive ROI.

When you use the most effective search terms for a particular niche or industry area to create content for your site, that content will generate a positive return on investment (ROI) for that blog post. When blog posts turn into leads, sales, or new business, they are likely to generate positive ROI, since content creation is quite cost-effective compared to other types of marketing.

4. Keyword research should be balanced between being specific and generic.

Once a list of keywords has been generated, it must be evaluated to glean top keywords that will be best suited to the content’s focus. Keywords that are too specific may not get enough searches to drive traffic, while overly broad or general searches–like blockchain or cryptocurrency, for example–will attract those with a general interest rather than those who are likely to become investors. Brand keywords also need to be avoided because they usually lead to discussions of competitors and may drive traffic to those sites instead of yours.

5. Keyword research needs frequent updating.

Blockchain is an example of an industry that is constantly evolving on a daily, sometimes hourly basis, but in reality, most businesses are in a constant state of change. They have to be if they want to grow and remain profitable. Revisiting keyword research is an essential response to changes you observe and should take place when the industry has undergone a shift of any kind. New keywords that can lead to higher traffic and better results if they are incorporated into content will pop up periodically.

Keyword research is essential to creating content for a web-based audience. However, keyword research is simply one part of your content marketing strategy. Download our ICO marketing spreadsheet for more information about how to drive the right traffic to your site.