TLDR: Burt’s Bees makes simple products that many companies also produce. But their secret is making sure their customers are advocates who spread the word about their products, and that “organic buzz” is the most powerful form of marketing.

So What? 

Find out how the company drives more customer engagement, why it works, and how to use this approach in your own business.


Burt’s Bees is known for making some of the best beauty products in the world, from skin cleansers to lip balm. The company uses ingredients that come straight from nature and makes sure that they’re sourced responsibly. The company also gives back to its communities by donating products and money to local schools and nonprofits.

But it doesn’t stop there. The company goes above and beyond for its customers, too, making happy customers that will be loyal advocates for years to come. Here’s how Burt’s Bees engages customers and encourages brand advocacy in a way that benefits everyone.

Create a Buzz on Social Media

Burt’s Bees’ biggest social media presence is on Facebook, where they’ve built a community of like-minded customers who want to talk about natural beauty products and share their experiences with the company’s products.

Burt's Bees routine reset post.

Burt’s Bees posts photos, videos, gifs, quizzes, polls, you name it – and it’s all about keeping the brand’s fans engaged and entertained. But they don’t just post about the company’s products. They also post content relevant to their customers’ interests, from personalized quizzes on “which lotion will solve your skin problem” to behind-the-scenes videos of how they make their products.

Burt's Bees skincare calming day lotion post.

By constantly posting interactive, varied, and topical content, Burt’s Bees has built a loyal following of engaged customers who know they can trust the company for quality products. And now those customers are spreading the word. You, too, can use this same approach to grow your own social media community and drive more sales at the same time.

Look Beyond Your Products

Burt’s Bees is committed to making sure its products are made from the best ingredients on the planet and sourced responsibly. But the brand doesn’t stop there.

The company seeks to positively impact peoples’ lives. So it focuses on more than just its products, often launching entirely product-free campaigns, like its World Earth Month campaign.

In doing so, Burt’s Bees proves that companies can help the world in ways that go beyond what they’re selling. When customers learn about these efforts, they’re more likely to come back again and are happy to promote the brand.

Investigate ways your brand can contribute in a way that benefits your customers (and the world) and watch your brand grow.

Make Your Customer the Star

Burt’s Bees also creates ad campaigns that star loyal customers instead of models and influencers, like the Raise Your Burts campaign. In the ad series, real customers who genuinely love their Burt’s Bees products tell their stories to share that love with others.

Raise your Burt's post.

It works because loyal customers are the best promoters of your brand: after all, they already know and love what you do. By showcasing real stories from people who use the product every day, Burt’s Bees not only engages customers more deeply but also makes them feel like they’re part of the brand and that they get to take part in shaping its future.

Consider how your brand can leverage its most loyal customers to spread the good word about your business. You can even reach out to them and give them a platform to share their experiences.

Be Part of the Community

One of the biggest draws for Burt’s Bees is its attention to community involvement, both in its local communities and beyond. The company believes that when you give back, good things happen for everyone involved: “do-gooding is contagious.”

Burt’s Bees is committed to giving back and encouraging social good, and it also enables its customers to do the same through the Burt’s Bees Greater Good Foundation. The foundation is where Burt’s Bees focuses its efforts on environmental awareness and conservation.

By giving back, the company creates goodwill among customers who feel like they’re making a difference with each purchase while also teaching them the importance of sustainability, so they’ll continue to support the brand in more ways than one.

Burt's Bees MLK Day post.

Of course, your business might not have deep pockets to fund charitable initiatives, but it doesn’t have to. You can still give back to your customers in meaningful ways, like donating product samples for fundraisers or partnering with local charities for volunteer drives.

Share Your Expertise on YouTube

Burt’s Bees has dozens of videos hosted on their YouTube channel. They cover everything from how the company makes its products, employee spotlights, and interviews with people in their community who use Burt’s Bees products to kids’ remedies and “get the look” types of videos.

Burt's Bees Youtube playlist.

This is a great way to engage with customers and share your brand expertise. And it’s also a way to make the company seem more human.

Your business can do the same, and you don’t have to be a big brand with a huge marketing budget to use this strategy. Get creative with showcasing your products and make sure they’re fun, engaging, and inspiring.

Building Buzz, Organically

Burt’s Bees’ success proves that companies can do more than sell. Customers learn to love your brand for more than just your offerings … and that converts them into brand loyalists.

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