ZippyCart is a great online resource for any eCommerce professional, providing information, news on current trends and expert advice. Susan D took the time to speak with us about her business as well as share information on different needs and considerations for eCommerce businesses, regardless of size and establishment. With a background in eCommerce, she has expert insight to help out any online merchant.

What exactly does ZippyCart do?

Primarily, we research, evaluate and recommend eCommerce software. Additionally, we are branching out into evaluating eCommerce service providers including merchant accounts, tax system, drop shippers, shipping services and more. This helps merchants who are interested in eCommerce selling make educated decisions without spending weeks comparing solutions. The ZippyCart team also provides an eCommerce News Blog that helps SMB (small to medium business) merchants stay up to date on the information they need to run a successful online store.

How is ZippyCart beneficial to eCommerce professionals?

Choosing the best eCommerce solution for a unique online store is so important for future success, but it can be time consuming and confusing. With so many solutions available, it’s important to make sure the solution you select matches the needs of your business. And, of course, most eCommerce professionals are already busy with the millions of tasks required to build and manage an online business. They shouldn’t have to spend countless hours researching the nuances and tech talk of eCommerce software in order to find the best solution for their particular online store. This is where ZippyCart comes in. Our expert team has over 15 years of industry experience and understands how to fully vet and test these solutions. We’re here to save eCommerce professionals time and make their final decision an easier one.

Do you work with any size eCommerce merchant?

We currently focus on SMB merchants who are just starting out in the eCommerce world or those who are looking to upgrade a small online store to the next level and need a more feature-rich and robust eCommerce software.

What if a site is already successfully established but is looking for more – can you help?

Absolutely! Established merchants have different needs and considerations than new eCommerce business owners do. Our review process takes this into consideration, and we evaluate eCommerce solutions based on merchant experience, sales volume and more. It’s a tough market out there, and for a merchant to be ready for an upgrade in software is quite an accomplishment! This is why ZippyCart offers a couple of options for eMerchants with extra needs. If they’ve already exhausted our reviews and comparison charts, there is a free application on that can take them through a series of questions and narrow down their final choices, based on their exact business stats. Additionally, they can schedule a consult call and talk to us directly.

How did you get started with ZippyCart?

My start with ZippyCart stemmed from a background in product review and a love of the eCommerce world…and there’s no doubt that being based in Silicon Valley helps. My family and I all specialize in some type of software, software development and so forth. Also, many of my friends are eCommerce business owners, and so when I saw a need for a more reliable, unbiased eCommerce software review site, I decided to focus my attention to eCommerce solutions (a.k.a., shopping cart software).

What is one common mistake you see eCommerce businesses making that would be easy to fix?

The most common mistake…it has to be a combination of eMerchants choosing the wrong solution for their needs and then subscribing to the notion that they can/should do everything themselves. Our advice to avoid these things is to do some comparisons and don’t just assume the most popular, expensive solution is for you. Getting a solution that’s beyond your needs or doesn’t quite meet your daily task list can end up taking more time from your day. As you can afford it, contract out the little or time-consuming tasks so you won’t overstress and burn yourself out. This is actually where companies like Media Shower and ZippyCart come in. We are designed to reduce the stress level of already busy eCommerce professionals by saving them time and allowing them to concentrate on their specialty.

How important is a good, easy to navigate website for any business?

Ease of use is an incredibly important feature, both for the merchant and their target audience (a.k.a., their online shoppers)!

To keep your online shoppers happy, you must make sure your online storefront is laid out in a clean, aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-navigate way. If your clients cannot find what they’re looking for, they may get frustrated and check out your competition!

There are so many features and tools that are important for running a successful online store. The key is to find out which features you need for your unique eCommerce business.

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