As founder and editor of NetMediaBlog, Nwosu Mavtrevor Desmond spends quite a bit of time on how bloggers can boost their traffic and get the best results. He spoke with us on what bloggers need to know about getting their content out there.

What are some ways bloggers are losing money without knowing it?

Most bloggers often monetize their blogs with PPC ads, which means their blog visitors will have to click on the ads on their blog for them to earn an income. One way such bloggers are losing money is by not monetizing their impressions with CPM ads. With CPM ads, your visitors do not need to click on the ads for you to earn money. So combining CPM and PPC ads will help such a blogger earn from both impressions and ad clicks.

Another way bloggers are losing money from their blogs even without knowing it is by not monetizing their top-ranking posts. When you have a high-ranking post with huge traffic, it will be wise to monetize such a post with affiliate products related to it in review boxes.

What tools should any website have handy to solve problems as they come up?

It is almost impossible to run a website without encountering one problem or another. Most times, bloggers run into problems like hosting downtime, site malfunction and so on. It is important that every site owner or webmaster develop good coding skills to be able to manage some of the problems that may arise from time to time on his website. But most importantly, every webmaster must choose a web hosting provider with good customer support to help them solve their hosting problems, especially those they may not be able to fix themselves.

How is changing technology, such as the spread of mobile, affecting websites?

The massive growth of mobile technology in the past few years has led to the growth of internet users. It is common to see people surf the internet on the go these days. On the train, in the shopping malls, almost everywhere you look these days, you’ll find people accessing the internet on their mobile devices.

Every webmaster must be compliant with the changing technology unless
they want to miss out on a large crowd of users out there. Even Google understands the need to optimize a site for mobile users and has made it compulsory for webmasters to optimize their websites for mobile. The emergence of responsive web design has made it easy for webmasters to make this move without much trouble.

As more and more people are going online with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, it is important for webmasters to also adopt a mobile-friendly design for their websites so they don’t miss out on any opportunities.

How closely should a website monitor traffic sources?

It is very important for webmasters to keep a close eye on their traffic sources. Sometimes you may be wasting your time and resources on non-converting traffic sources while ignoring your best performing sources. Identifying and concentrating on your top-performing sources will greatly improve your site while you can try to find out why you are not doing well on some sources and try to fix them.

If a traffic source turns out to be problematic, what can a site do to handle it?

There are two ways you can go about dealing with a non-performing source. It’s either you work to get it up or avoid wasting your time and resources on it and concentrate on your top-performing sources.

It all depends on you and the potential of such a traffic source. Sometimes a well-performing source can go bad and traffic will dry up from it as a result of some changes made on the source; keeping an eye on your traffic sources will help you identify such changes and find a way to fix it.

On the other hand, you may be wasting all your time and resources trying to make a source work for you, and everything you do may not seem to work. Monitoring your traffic sources can also help you identify and relate your effort and performance from such sources and them make a data-driven decision whether to abandon it or work harder to make it work.

What trends in online technology should we be keeping an eye on?

As webmasters and bloggers, it is very important we keep an eye on trends that can affect our business or blogs. Every now and then, something changes and we need to get informed as early as possible to change our website so we won’t be affected negatively by the change.

Google rolls out updates every now and then; we must follow informative sources to get informed once there is such a change, so we can make changes from our ends to accommodate the new trend.

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