The Undercover Recruiter is one of the most popular HR blogs out there. And a busy one, to say the least. We recently were lucky enough to grab a few moments with Laurence Hebberd to talk about HR, content and social media.

Hi, Laurence! Let’s start with The Undercover Recruiter. How did it get started?

Jorgen, a recruiter at the time, wanted to share his insights secretly, so that explains that name!

Your site is packed with infographics. What do infographics offer that other content may not be able to match?

Infographics are extremely visual, and much more eye-catching, so can be easier to read.

What goes into a good infographic? What are the criteria you look for?

We look for a good quality, colorful infographic which is full of information and relevant!

How do you choose what issues to focus on in human resources?

We have a number of featured authors and guest bloggers who write articles on whatever they feel like surrounding recruitment and career-related subjects.

What can businesses looking to better market themselves learn from recruiters?

Be more pro-active and go out to find leads and prospects. Also, use social media to your advantage!

What are some tips you have when using social media?

Connect lots, always engage and be interesting!

What’s the one thing you wish every business, large or small, knew about recruiting?

It’s not easy, and it’s extremely important – people are your best assets!

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