Fizzle is changing how we train on the web. With courses from luminaries like Pat Flynn, Leo Babauta, John Lee Dumas and Scott Dinsmore, there’s plenty to learn – in a simple way to learn it. Co-founder and CEO Corbett Barr spoke with us about building the company and the changing face of training.

Hey, Corbett! So how important is business training for small businesses?

Training is important in two ways: It can dramatically shorten the time it takes to go from idea to profitability, and it can keep an entrepreneur from giving up entirely during one of the dips he will inevitably go through on the journey.

How has technology changed business training?

Because we can offer our video training online, our students get to learn from well-known experts at a very affordable price.

You have extensive training videos on Fizzle. What goes into writing and delivering that content?

We have over 70 hours of video training in the library now, on topics from podcasting, to defining your audience, to website design and development and everything in between. A typical hour of video content takes weeks to produce and involves multiple people, including the expert, a producer, a camera crew and video editor. Our courses are scripted and polished, and include workbooks and other resources to help students put the material to work right away.

What’s different in training an independent entrepreneur versus training a corporate employee?

An indie entrepreneur has a much bigger set of mental hurdles to conquer. Building a successful small business is an emotional roller-coaster, and confidence, motivation, relationships and discipline all play huge roles.

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