Most of us have ulterior motives. Whether Instagramming our day feeding the homeless or showering a girl with flowers to get a date, our motives are not always pure.

It also seems that even the happiest place on Earth (aka Disney) may have an ulterior motive with its blog, notably its post earlier this year titled #DisneyKids: Navigating Disney Parks With Toddlers. This blog was posted just in time for family vacation planning and it was a strategic move by the world famous theme park. Disney’s motive was not just to offer parents some timely toddler vacationing tips, but also to get them in the mind frame of considering Disney for their 2017 family vacation.

Here is the video posted on the blog:

How do I know Disney’s motive behind this “tips” video was to urge parents to book family vacations? Well, all brands have a motivation to sell. Without sales, you are not a profitable enterprise.

But, Disney subtly and cleverly solved multiple customer pain points that parents didn’t even know they had in this one short video.

Each tip provides a creative solution:

Tip 1: Best times to visit

Arguably one of the nightmares of my life is to be stuck on a two-hour-long Disney ride line in 100 humid degrees, where the long-awaited endpoint is a five-minute creaky boat ride through a tunnel housed with child puppets singing in different languages. And, I’m not alone.

Disney solved this pain point and created a solution with this tip to urge parents to visit the park during the slower months so they could enjoy their experience more, sans long, hot lines

Tip 2: MyDisneyExperience App

My Disney Experience App

Planning a Disney vacation to make it as memorable for a child as possible while also trying to hit all the rides can be incredibly daunting and overwhelming for parents. In the video, Disney solves this problem by mentioning its MyDisneyExperience app that allows customers to plan everything right from the app, from dinner reservations to show tickets and even FastPass reservations (get ahead of the dreaded line passes).

I’ve used this app before; it’s pretty cool.

Tip 3: Switch It Up

Ever get stuck sitting out on all the fun because your child isn’t tall enough to ride? This is a big pain for parents and it can take the joy out of their Disney experience. Disney solved this problem too and introduced a child swap system where parents can switch out their kid and ride without waiting on line again.

Tip 4: Don’t over pack

Who wants to lug five baby bags, food, bottles, diapers, and sunscreen in the back of your child’s stroller? Neither do vacationing parents. In the video, Disney tells parents not to over pack for a one-day event, and in the baby care centers, it houses all the supplies parents could need for their children. Problem solved. Pain gone.

With these four tips, Disney managed to attack a lot of customers’ major pain points while packaging it in viable, cool, fun solutions.

Content marketing takeaway: If you want to get people thinking about your product, offer them solutions to their problems. It’s a simple strategy but often widely neglected by brands, mainly because they aren’t aware of their consumers’ deep needs.

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Wait For It…

At the end of the video, the presenter says this below to really get parents connected emotionally…

“…knowing their favorite characters are down here, knowing it will mean so much to them, and that’s ultimately the goal of your vacation, right? To make your kids happy”

Take a note from Disney: With this video, they didn’t sell an attraction, show Goofy running through the street nor shove a Cinderella doll in your face, although those things could be valuable if the video target weren’t toddler-bearing, stressed-out parents. They sold an easy experience for parents with less stress, heat, and long lines so parents can focus on what they really want from Disney—watching their children be overcome with joy while creating fun and priceless memories they can share with them for a lifetime.

Remember, you aren’t actually selling your product. You are selling an emotional experience.

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