Social media is not the only platform to promote your blockchain project. Good old-fashioned forums are still great places to engage with the digital currency community to build awareness of your blockchain venture.

In this guide, we’ve compiled some of the best crypto forums to promote your blockchain project in 2019.

Forum Name Description Year Number of Backlinks Number of Users Quality of Content Reputation Score
BitcoinTalk The BitcoinTalk forum is the oldest and most established digital currency forum on the Internet. Despite the forum’s name, the topics discussed by its over two million users go well beyond bitcoin. From new blockchain technologies, token sales, and current events, everything crypto is being discussed in the BitcoinTalk forum, which also makes it an excellent platform to share your blockchain project with the wider digital currency community. 2009 115460 2542314 4 5 5.0
Stack Exchange The StackExchange is a highly popular questions and answers forum for developers. For digital currency users, the section of the platform provides the opportunity to ask questions about the latest developments in blockchain technology. While it is not really a place to promote new blockchain ventures or token sales, it is an excellent platform to share new technologies and to interact with the technical arm of the community. 2009 31950000 10000000 5 5 5.0
CryptocurrencyTalk The CryptocurrencyTalk forum was launched in 2013 and follows a very similar formula to BitcoinTalk. The user-friendly forum currently has over 87,000 members, and a wide range of topics, including new blockchain projects, are being discussed on a daily basis. 2013 556900 87159 4 5 4.5 r/CryptoCurrency is one of the most popular subreddits covering digital currencies and blockchain technology. While promoting ICOs is not permitted in this forum, sharing information about new blockchain ventures and their developments post-token sale is welcomed. It is an excellent platform to ask questions, read up on the latest developments in the blockchain industry, and gauge how users are receiving different projects or market developments. 2014 27070 852000 4 4 4.0
Bitcoin Forum The Bitcoin Forum is another crypto forum where community members meet to discuss everything that occurs in the industry. It is a small but active forum that enables blockchain startups to engage with the community and share their latest developments. 2011 14432 17845 4 3 4.0 Forum The forum is the go-to place to discuss all things Bitcoin Cash. Moreover, users discuss topics such as decentralization, privacy, and free market economics. New blockchain ventures are also discussed but those linked to Bitcoin Cash receive the most attention as is one of the main companies backing the popular Bitcoin fork. Hence, the Bitcoin Cash community is quite active in this forum. 2016 30160 71195 3 3 3.0 r/ICO is a subreddit that enables blockchain startups to share information about their token sales. It provides an excellent platform to promote new blockchain projects. 2013 0 18200 3 4 3.0
Bitcoin Garden The Bitcoin Garden forum provides a platform for users to discuss everything bitcoin and blockchain and for startups to present their products and services. With over 24,000 members, the forum is a good place to engage with the blockchain community. 2014 344 24311 3 3 2.5
AltcoinsTalks As the name suggests, AltcoinsTalks is a crypto forum focused on the discussion about the altcoin universe. With over 40,000 users, AltcoinsTalks is one of the most active forums in this market, which makes it an attractive platform for new blockchain ventures to share their vision, token sale information, and latest developments. 2017 384 42873 3 3 2.5
Crypto Aquarium Crypto Aquarium is one of the most popular digital currency Telegram groups, where its over 5,700 members share and discuss all things crypto and blockchain. It is an excellent platform for new blockchain companies to gather feedback on their vision, product, or service. 2017 187 5765 4 3 2.5
MastersofCrypto The MastersofCrypto forum claims to be “the only forum that pays you to post.” However, it is not quite clear how the platform pays its users for contributing as its Terms and Rules section is currently empty. For blockchain startups, the MastersofCrypto provides a platform to promote their ICOs and the latest developments surrounding their technology. 2017 332 4311 3 3 2.0

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